Book Review: Time and Again by Crystal Bennett

Time and Again by Crystal Bennett

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Time and Again by Crystal Bennett

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After years of single living, Melanie’s world is flipped upside down when she finds a chivalrous and handsome gentleman known as Hawthorne badly beaten in Central Park. Melanie is inexplicably drawn to this curious man and soon finds herself hosting him in her home. While nursing her unanticipated guest back to health, Hawthorne unveils an awkward secret: the last thing he remembers, he was receiving a vicious beating in an attempt to defend his sister’s honor…in 19th century London.

Melanie’s priorities quickly shift as she and Hawthorne investigate his past, searching for any information on his sister’s well-being and a way to get him back home. In the process, Hawthorne is introduced to movies, hot showers, modern sexuality, and pizza. As time goes by, they are both faced with the same question: is it time to give up their old way of life and accept the new happiness they have found?

Little does Melanie know, Hawthorne harbors yet another deep secret: a secret he himself is oblivious to–a secret with the power to rip them apart, drive them together, and change their lives completely.

My thoughts on Time and Again by Crystal Bennett

At first I was kind of miffed that this guy supposedly just “appeared” from the 19th Century. He was in awe of things that are just modern now, but now as scared or as taken back by it all as I thought he should be. 

That feeling quickly passed though as I went further into the back and got invested into Melanie’s feelings.  I just wanted Melanie to be happy.  Much like her best friend felt, I felt like I was Melanie’s best friend sitting there holding her hand and wanting to hold her back, but wanting her to also be as happy as she could be.

There were several times towards the end of the book where I thought the book was over, but it just kept going.  That kind of threw me off as well, but overall I enjoyed the book and loved how it all came together.

I won’t say much else because I don’t want to give away the book, but to say that you’ll probably be riding a roller coaster of feelings like I was.

You can buy Time and Again by Crystal Bennett right now at Amazon for 4.99 kindle version.