Fall is in the Air, Barely #blogboost

Fall is in the Air - Two

As I stated I planned to do the UltimateBlogChallenge; where I posted once a day with #blogboost every day in October.  I totally failed on getting any out this past weekend, I think weekends are going to be hard for me.  So instead I’ll call it a win if I can post every day of the week with it.  Saturday’s prompt was to post something that was associated with fours.  One mention was Four Seasons.  And since I didn’t care for today’s prompt, I decided to play off Saturdays, kind of, and post about what I like and don’t like about Fall. Fall is in the Air, kind of around here.

Fall is in the Air

I have to admit there is more I love about Fall then I dislike, so much like list will probably be much longer then my dislike list.  Honestly though, there is something I adore and hate about each and every season and am always ready for the next one by the time its time. I’ve stated time and time again that I am so glad I live somewhere where we do have four seasons.  

For the Love of Fall

  • That smell in the air.  There is a certain smell that just announces itself as Fall.  I am not sure what it is exactly.  Weather its just that slight chill in the air, or just overall freshness.  I can’t even name it besides announcing Fall is in the Air!!  I love that smell.  Does anyone else know what I am talking about?  Or am I completely nuts?
  • New Tv Season.  Anymore there is quite a bit new on Tv during the summer months.  But there is just something special about that Fall Tv season.  I admit freely I am a Tv addict.  Most likely because I am home all the time, so its one of my main sources of entertainment.  My two favorite shows I decided? Criminal Minds and The Middle.  I like many of them though, FYI.
  • That slight chill in the air.  I love being able to curl up under a blanket again, wear pants and be comfortable, and enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning even more because its cool in the morning.  Though I must admit right now – we have not experienced much of that Fall cool yet and I am so ready for it!  This coming Sunday is looking good for it.  *crossing fingers*
  • The leaves changing colors.  There is nothing like the leaves in their brilliant color with the sun shining on them in the nice cool crisp air.  We don’t get the vivid colors that some others of the country gets, but we do get a nice change even if small. Fall is in the Air - Two

Oh Fall I Loathe You

  • I really dislike how dark it gets early.  It always feels much later than it actually is in Fall.  By winter, I am pretty much used to it I think cause it didn’t feel as early or as weird.
  • Football season!  Ugh, I dread this time of year.  Football and more football. Enough.  I am not a sport fan, never have been never will be.  Jason watches football all the time during this time of year and drives me completely batty when there is so much good stuff to watch on our DVR, On Demand, Amazon, and Netflix.  

 Fall is in the Air - ThreeWhat about you?  What is something you love about Fall and what is something that you loathe about Fall?

Ultimate Blog Challenge

  • totally understand about the “fall is in the air” smell. It’s not you! hehe I love the color changes, cooler weather and all things pumpkin. I also love to snuggle under my favorite blanket and watch tv or read. Things I don’t like too much (like you – again, are we twins?!) are how early it is getting dark outside and the fact that old man winter will show it’s face very soon. NOT looking forward to that. 🙁

    • haha I told you we think way to alike on things. I like winter for a short time, but we get such a mild winter most of the time that it makes me snow from Idaho.

  • Debbie Gibson

    I dislike the cold and wet that comes with fall, I do however love the colors, smells and the fact that T.V. shows start back up with new episodes.

  • aprilaakre

    I love all of the pictures. I can’t stand football or any sports on TV actually. I find it extremely boring. I agree there are some great new shows on in the Fall. I really like Grey’s Anatomy and How to get away with Murder.

    • I do too. I am like why are we watching this. I could go upstairs and watch something, but really I’d rather sit here with Jason then be upstairs alone. haha

  • Maggie C

    I have to disagree with your dislike of football season but I do agree with your dislike of early darkness. I have bad night vision as it is and this early darkness is the pits!

    • I have horrible night vision too. I can do it, but boy do I strain!

  • I love Fall … I love the colors of the leaves (don’t love when they fall) and I love the smells of the fireplaces as they start taking the chill out of the houses. I like the football season provided they are “real” games and not so one sided that they are boring.

    • I just never have been big on sports, so having the whole Fall and winter of full on sports gets to me lol I kind of get excited when we do our first fire of the season.

  • Melissa Vera

    Falll is my favorite time of year. I love watching the leaves change colors.