Fruit Basket with Banana Holder #HolidayGiftGuide

Fruit Basket with Banana Holder - Front View

Disclosure Statement

When I said yes to do these Holiday Gift Guides.  I had NO clue what I was doing at all.  I was scared that I took on too much that I just didn’t understand.  It started out with a group of bloggers doing it together calling it a White Elephant Holiday Gift Guide.  It kind of faltered from that for the most part, so I just kind of went with what I had.  I don’t have much, but it’s getting me an idea of what I need to do for next year and learning along the way.

Fruit Basket with Banana Holder - Front View

I was approached to include this fruit basket with banana holder and at first thought oh how silly, but then I was like wait a minute.  It’s a white elephant Holiday gift guide, it actually makes perfect sense.  Then when I got it I thought WOW this is well-made and pretty amazing and ideas starting flowing on how it would fit in for a gift for someone for the Holidays.

This fruit basket with banana holder can be found at Amazon for $24.99 right now along with free shipping if you are a prime member.

It’s VERY well-made and actually very stylish.  We also found that bananas actually last a bit longer when hanging on this then our normal storing of just on the counter.  

Fruit Basket with Banana Holder - Hook View

The ideas I had for this fruit basket with banana holder were a hostess gift filled with all sorts of fruits and veggies and maybe a few bows and ribbons to decorate it up to give out. I know I’d love that to receive that if I were hosting something.  Also, someone who just moved into their own home, they’d love to receive this and I bet would get many uses out of it as we will.

Fruit Basket with Banana Holder - Back View

 It’s not just the Holidays either.  Think wedding gift, or housewarming gift.  The ideas are really endless because the basket is so useful in any home.

Remember you can find the fruit basket with banana holder right now at Amazon for $24.99.  Why not grab it now so you won’t regret missing out on this great item for the kitchen or dining room table?