Start your Holiday Wish List with LG OLED TV from Best Buy #HintingSeason #OLEDatBestBuy

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If you are anything like us, the Tv is one of our main sources of entertainment.  Especially with me working at home alone most days, the Tv helps keep me company.  We rarely go out to the movies, but tend to stay in curled up on the couch watching movies on our own Tv.  Yes, we wait quite awhile to watch some movies until they come available to us, but we are in no hurry.  We have been talking about getting a newer bigger Tv for our living room for quite some time.  Especially when we move our main couch into the second living room area.  When we first heard about the LG OLED TV, I thought that is silly why would a Tv be curved?  Then I saw the LG OLED TV in person and I was in love!  

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What is so special about the LG OLED TV you ask? Everything I say!

  • Only 0.17″ thick at its THINNEST point
  • Lightweight because it only has two layers
  • Picture quality that can’t be beat – Most blazing whites to the deepest blacks
  • 4 color pixel technology that enhances color range and accuracy
  • Smart Tv with new webOS platform – quick to learn and fun to use
  • Curve design to enhance your viewing pleasure – so that eyes are equally distant from all parts of the screen

Seeing is believing on the new LG OLED TV.  You have to go into your local Best Buy and take a peek at this new design, because it’s truly amazing!

Best Buy’s everyday price on the LG OLED TV is $3499.99.  If we had the funds on hand right this moment we’d without a doubt be going out and making this ours!  It’s high on our family wish list, without a doubt.

Are you going to put this on your wish list now that you have heard about it?  

  • Ocie Johnson

    Oh ya!!! Actually it’s been on it for a few months now!!!

  • Teresa Zetwick

    Crap! With a price tag like that it’s certain to be the one Jakob wants. Lol

    • And as he should, cause its truly amazing balls!! lol

      • Carmita Barnes

        amazing balls ? lol ! πŸ˜‰

  • Carmita Barnes

    it does look awesome ! but no we won’t be buying it ! don’t spend enough time at home to pay that much for a TV ! =)

    • Yea we won’t pay that much either even though we watch our TV all the time, we’ll wait for the price to drop. πŸ™‚

  • aprilaakre

    I have not heard of this TV before but I will be checking it out next time I go to Best Buy. I have seen the curved ones before

    • Its so pretty. I just want to ooh and awww over it and dream!

  • Maggie C

    I know, curved sounded weird to me too! But the picture is something beautiful πŸ™‚

    • I was like why? Why would you curve a tv. that’s dumb. lol then in person ohhh I totally get it now