Catch the Moment 365 for 2015 – Week 4 #CatchtheMoment365

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 22 - Half Roxy

Another amazing week for Catch the Moment for 2015.  As always, if you’d like to play along with us, just click the banner and learn more about it.  

This last week for me was pretty lame.  I’ll admit it right from the start.  I just wasn’t in my photographing game.  At all.  I didn’t miss a day at least. Hopefully, you’ll like one or two of them and I’ll be able to call it good.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 22 - Half Roxy

Day 22 – Thursday, January 22nd – I did not take this picture, so I can’t take the credit at all.  Isn’t it adorable though?  Jason was trying to play with the out of focus theme from our Project 52 and ended up with this shot.  I loved it and just knew it had to be the photo of the day.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 23 - Reading at Soccer

Day 23 – Friday, January 23rd – This is a horrible shot.  I forgot I was still on the setting for the out of focus thing.  But this was the only picture I took with my camera, so I went with it.  I took my camera with me to soccer but ended up not taking any shots.  I need to read or do things on my phone otherwise I start to get really sleepy as I sit there and watch.  Multi-tasking always needed.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 24 - Cranky

Day 24 – Saturday, January 24th – This is Cranky.  He is Jason’s parents cat.  We went there Saturday to get some more wood, thus me laying on the floor reading.  Cranky impatiently waiting for soft food time.  Evil look saying you will do what I say, listen to me.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 25 - Laid Out Roxy

Day 25 – Sunday, January 25th – This is our lazy day.  Roxy displays it perfectly.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 26 - Healing from the Dental Cleaning

Day 26 – Monday, January 26th – My poor baby girl.  She had her dental cleaning today and we finally got her home, but she was still having issues with her anesthesia and I think a bit of pain from the cleaning.  She so wasn’t herself the entire day.  I bought her that pound puppy when we went to get her so she have a new cuddle.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 27 - Peek A Boo

Day 27 – Tuesday, January 27th – Thankfully she was feeling so much better the next day, but was being extra cuddly early in the day.  This little shot was having/as she was digging out in her chair with her cushion.  Peek-A-Boo I see you!

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 28 - BST

Day 28 – Wednesday, January 28th – I decided around lunch time that I was super craving BLT’s.  I quickly then got out the bacon so hopefully we could have it that night or the next day.  Presto, we had our BST’s (we always use spinach instead of lettuce).  YUM!