Spring Date with my Husband – Spring Date Idea

I’m shameful to admit Jason and I very rarely go on any dates.  Or maybe we do and it just doesn’t seem like it since it’s always just us anyway?  With no kids, except Roxy, I imagine that our dates are much different from those with kids.  Being just us, most often if we are going out, we’d much rather go out with others than just us.

With that being said, we do enjoy something in the Spring that will qualify as a date in my eyes.  With our area experiencing what seems to be a very early Spring, those ideas for spring date ideas are just floating in my head and today I’ll bring you my number one choice.

Spring Date Idea


What makes hiking great is that it doesn’t take any extra money, just getting out there and doing it.  Yes, on some trails you’ll need to pay a small daily fee or a yearly fee to enjoy them, but really that is no biggie comparing other avenues of dating.

Now I must admit that I never used to like hiking, but since moving to Washington, I have grown a deep love for it.

We don’t do it as often as we should, but when we do it’s so much fun.  Not only are you spending the time together to do something kind of challenging.  You get out there enjoying nature and each other.  


Spring is the perfect time for hiking.  The beautiful world of nature is awakening after take a sleep during the winter and it’s all coming alive.  It’s just beautiful out there.  Not to mention it isn’t so hot that it’s uncomfortable like it can be in the summer.  

For our 10 year anniversary, we hiked Beacon Rock (which is located along the Columbia River on the Washington side) and a couple little trails around it.  It was wonderful.  


So next time you are searching for a date idea, why not try some hiking.  There are all levels of trails out there whether you are a beginner or advance.  There is a level for you and your date! Check out those walking/hiking trails near you and get out there and do it!