Dog Nail Shaper #Miraclecare

Dog Nail Shaper at Work

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 Roxy, for the life of me, will not let us trim her nails.  We have tried and tried and it’s just not possible for us to do it. Thankfully her current groomer is able to do it, I am not sure how exactly but they achieve success at trimming her pretty little nails at each visit.  

I was waiting for her to get her grooming appointment before trying out this dog nail shaper, which is why I am a tad later than I would have liked to get this review up.  Roxy went in for her 5 week grooming appointment last Saturday and I was able to try this nifty dog nail shaper early this week.

Dog Nail Shaper Package


Dog Nail Shaper Back Package

This dog nail shaper is meant only to be used in addition to regular nail trimmings.  Much like we file our nails smooth, this is to be used like that.  You gently twist away the rough edges.  It shapes and rounds easily with an easy barrel shape to hold and use.  

Dog Nail Shaper Itself

Roxy at first wanted nothing to do with me touching her precious little feet.  But as I was doing it, she became a bit more comfortable and I could totally tell a difference it was making on the nail itself.  While regular nail clipping leaves a blunt edge that can hurt while they are jumping on you or even just climbing onto your lap, this helps round that edge so it doesn’t have a painful blunt edge.

Dog Nail Shaper at Work

This dog nail shaper is made by Miracle Care.  They make several products help care for your fur babies so you might want to browse around their site and see what you find.

We enjoyed using this though and enjoyed the results.

Do you need to this to shape out your dogs nails?   

  • Froot Loops



    • If you go to their website, there is a place online I believe you can purchase this too! 🙂

  • Teresa Zetwick

    So hey, I’m finally on the computer and I like the circles better on the computer. Now I can see that they enlarge as you scroll over them and the pictures make sense! lol Also… I’m looking at the pics of this nail trimmer doodad and it looks kinda like the thing we use for our dogs nails… just less like a power tool lol. All I know is that I still despise having to trim dog nails… it’s never quick or easy. lol

    • lol You made me laugh you commented three different times instead of replying to your previous comment lol It does work, which surprised me. She is still antsy though and I could only get a couple of them done.

  • Teresa Zetwick

    Hmmm… the more I look at it the more I think the size and shape of it would make it a bit easier… I shall discuss with Sir Dog Groomer Husband. lol

  • Teresa Zetwick

    I approve of the price as well!!