3 Physical Features That Make Me Feel Beautiful #BeautyMonday

Beauty Monday

A couple of weeks ago, I did my 3 Beauty Woes for a Beauty Monday posting.  You all were amazing with your reaction, your own beauty woes, and products that you have found to work.  I can’t wait to try some out and let you know how they worked for me.  

I thought today it would be good to highlight what 3 physical features that make me feel beautiful.  The flip side of my 3 Beauty Woes.  In the comments this time I’d love to hear what features make you feel beautiful and what kind of products you might use to highlight them and bring them out even more.

Beauty Monday

3 Physical Features That Make Me Feel Beautiful

My Eyes

I like my eyes.  They might just be a deep dark poo brown, but they have this depth that I love.  It also helps that the whites of my eyes are usually super white with no extra help.  


Which is probably why I love eye makeup as much as I do.  It’s easy and fun to play up the eyes with all sorts of colors and playing of the lashes.  I have a super weakness for buying new shadows and eye liners because it’s just a fun thing for  me to play with.  

My Smile

I like my smile.  I have been told I have a nice smile.  I can light up the room with my smile, just kidding!  


Weirdly even though I love my smile, I very rarely wear any kind of lipstick to bring it out even more.  I should, but I am just not a huge fan of lipstick it would seem.  Weird I know.  

My Teeth

I actually almost put that on my smile because it is part of my smile.  But I couldn’t think of a third feature to add in, so two separate likes will have to do.

I am pretty proud of my teeth.  They are straight and white.  Pretty good with not having a lot of dental care growing up. Plus just a few years ago going to the dentist on a regular basis.  I have this weird bottom tooth that is sideways, but overall I have pretty white teeth.  I love that.

I just brush twice a day, floss at night and do a mouth rinse at night.  Otherwise, I don’t do anything really special.  Someday I might get some kind of brace on my bottom teeth, but until then it’s part of who I am and what makes me, me.

Your Turn

What physical feature do you like of yours?  How to you highlight it and bring it out even more?  What kind of products do you think I’d love with my 3 physical features that make me feel beautiful?