My Secret Cleaning Behavior

My Secret Cleaning Behavior

Spring Cleaning is well under way for many of us.  My sister started last month and she is already all finished.  I have gotten a few areas done, but there is still so much I want to do.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.  Which has been a problem since moving into this house, because no matter how much I clean, it still looks dirty and unclean because we are so in need of redoing and remodeling.  

A few weeks ago my friend Rebekah suggested a post where I let you all into my secret cleaning behavior.  I’m quite OCD when it comes to cleaning and organizing, but again has slacked some since moving into this house.  I used to fully clean the house from top to bottom basically once a week, that has so fallen to the wayside and makes me kind of sad and angry.

I still have weird quirks, well what I think of has weird quirks, when it comes to cleaning.  I can’t wait to hear yours after I share mine and maybe we’ll have some of the same.

My Secret Cleaning Behavior

My Secret Cleaning Behavior

  • Tank of the Toilet – After hearing the horror stories of just how gross some of the tank of the toilets were in the apartments Jason goes into, it went on my list to keep super clean.  I am anal about cleaning the front and back of the tank of the toilet and the handle itself.  I’d hope that most everyone that cleans the toilet wipes down at least the handle.  Adding on the toilet issues, I make sure to wipe down the base too well.  Do you know how much pee can get down there?  *shivers*  I like to make my toilet sparkle.  Catch the Moment 365 - Day 55 - Clean Toilet
  • Top of the Fridge – now granted I don’t do this a lot, but anytime I am deep cleaning that is one of the first places I go. It can get so gross up there and most of don’t even think about it, but I get up on a chair or ladder and scrub that baby down.  While doing that, of course, the fridge inside and outside gets deep cleaned and sparkly.
  • Ceiling Fan – We don’t have one right now, but this was something in the apartment I got up and cleaned a lot.  After all, it’s whipping around and flinging all that gunk off as it goes around.  Gross!  
  • Light Switches – I go around regular and use a wipe to wipe down our light switches.  Who knows what cooties are lingering on those babies.  Wipe them and go.
  • Under the Bed – so much gross under there.  Again I don’t do this one as much as I should do or even want to do. Plus it’s all kind of hard to get unless you can move the bed to get it all, it takes some talent to get it all cleaned of the dust bunnies while not being able to move the bed.
  • Top of the Soap Dispenser – As I am cleaning the bathroom/kitchen I always wipe down the top of the soap dispenser along with most everything else that sits on the counter or exposed shelf.  

I am sure there are more, as I am kind of quirky and weird but those are the ones I can think of right now.  

Now I want to hear some of yours!  I know you have some, so spill!!

  • I totally agree with all of those! And I will add door handles. Maybe your don’t get too bad, but with 5 kids mine are always sticky! So cleaning those is a must. And baseboards. I like to have mine cleaned and dusted at least once a month. I know this is bad (especially since I’m admittedly not the best housekeeper) but when I go to someone’s house, I always notice whether their baseboards are clean or dirty.
    Thanks for the great post. Very interesting πŸ™‚

    • Oh I do the door handles too, I forgot about those. πŸ˜‰ Another one to add to the list. lol I need to do my baseboards more, but ugh, its so daunting.

      • I just give my kids some cleaning wipes and have them hit the baseboards πŸ™‚

        • ohhh handy thing to have them around for hehe πŸ˜‰

  • Rebecca P.

    I love cleaning. But living in a dorm with 3 other girls….it’s annoying. I’m the only one who has cleaned the toilet, shower, etc. the whole year… :/

    • OH yikes!! I bet that gets all icky everywhere. I feel for you!

  • aprilaakre

    I absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms, we have 3 full bathrooms and one half bath. I have been trying to get better and clean them more often. My son is starting to do chores so I am going to make him start to clean his own bathroom, it is the grossest one in the house. I need to clean the light switches more often I guess I know one thing I will be doing tomorrow. I bought a ceiling fan cleaner from Lowes last year and I love it, makes it so much easier to clean it. Now I don’t have to get a ladder out just to clean them. We have six ceiling fans in our house. The top of the fridge gets so dusty and gross, it is not an area I think to clean very often. I have tried a cleaning schedule I can never stick to them. I do wash all of the bedding every Monday.

    • I hate cleaning bathrooms too, but most especially our stall shower and our tub upstairs. I just can’t get it clean enough. Gross Gross!! I used to clean on Thursday, but that has so fallen to the wayside.

  • Melissa M. Miller

    I hate cleaning, but my secret cleaning behavior is wiping down doors, light switches and sinks. I guess you could say I go for more seemingly obscure places, but those are three of the things we touch the most.

    My what I clean toilet, you’ve got!!

    • yea the clean toilet pictured was having scrubbing away the hard water line with a pumice stone. I was impressed lol

  • Maggie C

    The toilet just makes sense! I always do the handle and wonder how many other people don’t. My “thing” is the bathroom mirror. Two children who brush their teeth twice a day mess it up almost immediately. I admire it for the 2 minutes it’s clean every day I clean it.

    • I wonder the same thing as I am scrubbing away at the handle after washing down the tank area. lol I can just imagine the mirror mess with kids brushing their teeth, I have a hard enough time sometimes with Jason and myself lol

  • I’m not big into cleaning- it can be hard to motivate myself a lot of the time. It helps to plan a get-together with friends, then I get moving really quick, especially on the bathroom! Some things I enjoy doing are cleaning all mirrors & glass surfaces, getting all the grease and grim off the stove & overhead fan, and yes, scrubbing the toilet for sure!

    • Oh I know. we have game night this Saturday and I NEED to clean. lol

  • I’m crazy about wiping down light switches and door knobs all year round. They get touched so often but frequently overlooked.

    • Right? That is my line of thinking. Just so much gross that you don’t even think about it half of the time.