Ice Cream Scoop Showcasing Two Other Kitchen Scoops

Ice Cream Scoop 3 piece set

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If you are anything like me, you usually end up using a regular spoon to dish out ice cream because finding an actual ice cream scoop that works with ease is a challenge.  Often it’s a bit easier to just grab out the spoon you’ll be eating with and scoop out the ice cream that way.

Or you are making cookies and trying to find the perfect measurement to dollop on the cookie sheet is difficult.  You get a spoon, but then it sticks to the spoon and you end up having to use your finger anyway to get off.  Then you worry if the dollops are too big or too small.

Ice Cream Scoop 3 piece set

I was lucky enough to try out all 3 sets of kitchen scoops from the Jenaluca line.  My husband and I tested two of the three out, one on ice cream and the other on balling out some watermelon.  

They came in this beautiful box with each scoop in their own little velvet bag.  Elegant and nice looking, make it the perfect gift.

Each scoop is made with 18/8 stainless steel that is completely dishwasher safe, making clean up even easier.  Noted to keep its shine wash after wash.  No spring-glides easily with each squeeze with no intense pressure.  

Ice Cream Scoop - Made Easy

Ice Cream Scoop - Melon Balling

Jason and I found these very pleasant to use, in fact, I can’t wait to make cookies with them.  We scooped out ice cream the first go around with the large scoop and had no problems at all, especially after warming up the scoop a bit under hot water.  We then used the small scoop to ball out some watermelon, was a bit harder but Jason said that wasn’t really the kind of melon it was meant for, but still worked well.

Nice looking and well-made design make these a pleasure to use in your or the perfect gift for that wedding or housewarming gift!

Check them out on Amazon where you’ll have your choice of the large, medium, or small ice cream scoop.  Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoops on Amazon.

What do you use to scoop out ice cream nowadays?  What about how you are dolloping out those cookies?  Let me know!  I am curious.