My Perfect Getaway – What Makes It Perfect for Me?

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 269 - Beach Sunset

I was sitting here kind of dreaming earlier today and thought about doing a facebook post with my perfect getaway, but I decided a blog post would be much more fun and full of more details than a facebook post could muster.  Adding in the fun details that sometimes a short facebook post can miss!

I’d love to hear all about your ideas after reading mine though, so keep that in mind while reading and spill out yours in the comments below.

Place: The coast, most likely the Oregon coast and close to a casino to fulfill another part of my perfect getaway.  


Lodging:  A beach house rental right on the beach.  Where we can see and hear the waves while in the house and sitting on this beautiful deck facing the ocean.  There is nothing more relaxing and perfect than hearing the roar of the waves.  Bonus: That it would have a path from our house down to the beach or you just had to take two steps and you were on the sandy beach.

Oregon Coast

With:  Of course Jason and Roxy.  I’d love to have as many friends and family rent the house with us as we could.  I’ve dreamed about doing a beach rental with a bunch of people, but it has yet to happen.  No people.

Time Filled With

  • Board and Card Games
  • Beach Walks
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Slot Machine Playing
  • Maybe even a session of Bingo
  • Browsing Shops
  • A Hike or two
  • Time to just Sit and Read on that Amazing Deck

Time Frame:  Any time of the year, I find I like storm season, I love when it’s warm too, give me any weather and I am going to enjoy something about it.  

Length:  At least 3 nights, if not more.  The longer the better.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 269 - Beach Sunset


Now it’s your turn.

What does your perfect getaway contain?

  • Maggie C

    The beach, casino, and reading? Sounds perfect to me too! Love the picture of your dog πŸ™‚

    • It does really sound SO perfect and relaxing and amazing. Let’s do it πŸ˜‰

  • aprilaakre

    I love all of the pretty. My perfect getaway would be somewhere with a beach to relax,read and just enjoy the day.

    • That sounds amazing too. Those are one of my days on this trip! haha

  • I was invited to a retreat with some fellow bloggers this summer. It actually is in a rental home on Oregon’s beach, haha!

    • lol that is funny Cole.
      Where on the Oregon coast is it?

      • I don’t recall exactly.

  • Amanda Dunville

    I love the beach! Just went over spring break for the first time in about 20 years. lol That makes me sound so old, but it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to go back. Would love to see the Oregon coast too. Those pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!

    • Thanks Amanda. The coast is one my happy places without a doubt. How far away are you from the beach?

      • Amanda Dunville

        We are about 10 hours from one here in Indiana. It was a very long drive with three kids but so worth it. Would love to go to the west coast, but thinking that drive needs to wait until our little is a bit older. πŸ˜‰

        • so I totally understand why it’s been so long since you have been. we, right now, only live about an hour to two depending where we go πŸ™‚

  • I absolutely love the Oregon Coast too. And the Northern California coast. It’s funny, but I really don’t like the so-cal coast–I think because it is too crowded. And I like the overcast, windy, coastal weather that you don’t find very much down south. I can’t wait to go on my anniversary trip this year–we are planning a coastal getaway. I’m sure there will be card games as well πŸ™‚ Your perfect getaway sounds perfect to me, too!

    • I have never been to the so-cal coast, someday. I really want to see San Diego. The furthest I have gone in Cali is San Fran.