Interested in Pure Lemon Essential Oil? #lalunenaturals

Pure Lemon Essential Oil

Disclosure Statement

I’m just beginning to learn about oils and have a true interest in them using them myself.  I am still not grand on understanding where to use them or how, but I am learning along the way.  I figure the only way you are to learn is by doing and trying things.  

Oils have captured my interest though with their healing powers and powerful abilities that I still haven’t fully grasped.

Pure Lemon Essential Oil

When I saw the Pure Lemon Essential Oil up for review on amazon I was interested.  My best friend Debbie, loves anything lemon and so anytime I run across it now I think of her and have grown quite fond of it myself.

I got approved to review it fairly quickly and have been using it on and off for over a month now, but I am still as clueless on what to exactly to use it for.  I have made up a roller tube of coconut oil and some of the Pure Lemon Essential Oil though and have applied it here and there to the backs of my ears and have to say it would make me much happier while having it on.  It gave me a happy air and that in itself is something.

Pure Lemon Essential Oil - Sides

I have read that you can use it in all sorts of household products, but I haven’t really started to grasp that field yet.  Have you used the Pure Lemon Essential Oil other ways?  I would love to hear about them and steps on how to do it.  I want to learn.

I wanted to use it in my drinks, but I read that this one wasn’t recommended to be used internally, so there went that idea with that one.  Poo!

The Pure Lemon Essential Oil though will come in handy I do believe down the line.  I have it stored in the fridge right now and will dive into more uses for it and hopefully you’ll give me a few too.  I think I really need to myself a diffuser though soon.

How do you use lemon essential oil?