Living In The Blogging World, The Good and Bad

Living in the Blogging World

I’m a blogger.  I get paid to post things.  I also just write to write, to fill up my blog with information me and my family.  I write to grow.  While I can’t say that I am a full-time paid blogger, it is part of what I do each and every day and how I contribute money to the family. 

I also take surveys and do various other sites to earn gift cards and even cash.  Most days you’ll find me glued to my end of the couch with the laptop pulled up to me, the TV on and Roxy beside me.  I work 7 days a week for the most part, which just gets tiring.

I thought it would be fun for me to list out the pros and cons of working as a blogger/survey taker/social media maven like I do.  

Living in the Blogging World

Living in the Blogging World

The Good

  • I get to work at home.  I can sit in my pj’s all day and no one is really going to see me or care.  I don’t have to do my hair, I don’t have to put on makeup if I don’t want to.  And believe there are quite a few days like that where I just sit here plugging away and sometimes just staring off into space.
  • I can work anywhere.  Want to go on vacation?  Great, count me as long as I have a reliable internet connection where I can work a few times in the day so I don’t lose paying gigs.
  • I make my own schedule.  No one else tells me when I start working or even when I stop working in a day, just me. I want to start working at 1pm, that is just fine.  I don’t stop until midnight?  So what?  No one is hounding me about it.

The Bad

  • There is no regular paycheck.  I can’t count that each week or month that I’ll be paid something sizeable during that time.  Gigs come and they go.  You hope that it all pans out in the end, but it’s not guaranteed.  
  • Being “on” all the time.  I rarely can go a single day without touching my computer, if I don’t get on for at least a little bit I get so far behind on my emails, social media things or whatever.  There is no real down time where I can just say enough.  Though sometimes you just need to say/do just that.
  • No benefits.  One of the many perks of an outside regular job is that you usually have benefits.  Where you can take vacations and get paid along with health care and 401k and all that good stuff.  You have to figure all that out on your own.  

Your Turn

So now that you have heard some of my good and bad of blogging. What are yours?  What is your job?  What do you see as the good and bad of it?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.