What I Am Currently Watching On Netflix

Currently Watching On Netflix

I realized not too long ago while I was chatting away on my blog’s facebook page about what I was watching that I have never really talked about TV Shows on here.  How is that possible?  I watch so much TV and other shows that I never ever really have brought up the topic here.  I did do a brief one for Summer Tv Watching in 2014, but it never dawned on me to do more.

How silly is that?  I have things to say about TV shows, kind of.  Since it’s just Roxy and I home alone most weekdays, I watch a lot of TV while I work.  And Jason and I watch a lot of shows together.  Sometimes it’s hard to find something I don’t think Jason will like to binge watch myself.  

I thought I’d do two different segments.  One of Netflix and one with regular current running TV shows.  I can’t wait to hear too, what you are watching and who knows I might find a new addiction. 

Currently Watching On Netflix

What I Am Currently Watching On Netflix

Bates Motel

I’ve been a fan of horror movies as long as I can remember and one of my all time favorites is Psycho, so when this new show came up on A&E I knew I had to watch it.  While I did watch the first season while it was airing, I don’t think I really paid that close attention because I decided to start over when I saw it was on Netflix.  Which I am so glad I did.

I realized just how much I hadn’t really picked up the first time around. 

Norman and Norma move to a quiet coastal town after Norman’s Dad dies under odd conditions.  Where they buy a run down motel with a house up on the hill.  Norma is determined to make it work, at all costs.  It’s full  of weirdness and is just awesome.  I just finished the second season and am anxiously waiting for the third to be available on Netflix.

Pretty Little Liars

I never got into the hype when it first start showing on ABC Family.  I heard about a few seasons in and there was no way I was going to start watching it without seeing the first few seasons.  

So I was pretty excited when we finally got Netflix and I started watching.  It’s really good.  It totally is a teen drama, but I am perfectly fine with being into teen dramas.  

The is she is or isn’t she dead is awesome and really does keep you guessing.  I’m only in the middle of season two since I skip around as my mood sees fit with other shows and movies.

Gilmore Girls

I started recently rewatching this from the beginning.  I realized just how much I hadn’t, again, picked up the first time around.  I am amazed at all the stuff that happening just in the first season that I thought happened much later in the seasons.  

I’m in the middle of season two on this as well.

You have heard about the come back of Gilmore Girls for Netflix, yes?  I sure hope so!  They are going to do four movies, one set in each season of Stars Hollow.  How awesome is that?  Though I can imagine it’s only going to have me itching for more, as any good Gilmore Girl fan will surely feel.  I’m excited to see though where they go with it.

Melissa and Joey

I am not rewatching this from the beginning, as I watched it regularly while it was on, but totally missed the last season.

I am finishing up the last season now, I am still sad this got canceled, but they kind of ran out things to go with I think.  I love Melissa and Joey, though, they work well together.  Quirky and much like Who’s the Boss feel.  

Loved Who’s the Boss?  Then peeked into Melissa and Joey if you haven’t already.

What is a short list of What I Am Currently Watching On Netflix.  What are you watching on Netflix now?  Anything, coming out soon to Netflix that you are excited about?