What Makes A Good Friendship?

What Makes A Good Friendship?

You hear me talk a lot about friendships.  Real life friendships are hard for me because of how quiet I am in real life and how long it takes me to feel comfortable with someone.  I can’t just walk up to someone and start talking about anything and everything.

Words totally fail me, I am unsure what to say, I stand there completely clueless and uncomfortable.  So after that uncomfortable moment, most don’t want to keep trying with me and I can understand that.  Those that do keep trying with me find that once we spend actual time together in real life, I get comfortable and can be me easier.  I think that I am a pretty good friend too, because of that I’m going to give you some ideas of mine that make a good friendship.

What Makes A Good Friendship?

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What Makes A Good Friendship?


I believe any relationship’s roots are honesty.  Friend, family, or romantic one it doesn’t matter that is what builds up the base of it.  If you have honesty, then you have a good base to a lasting relationship.  Don’t hide or lie trying to be someone you are not.  Be you.  Be honest and upfront, trust me this builds the better longer lasting relationships.

Always be you, because you are amazing just as you are.


Be thoughtful of your relationships.  Send them little texts now and then, send them a little note on facebook, send them a little note in the actual mail.  You get the idea, let them know you value their friendship.  Be thoughtful.  No one wants to be the one that they only go to when they need something.  That isn’t a friendship.  

Make time for them.  It’s that simple.

Speak Up

Probably tied in with honesty, but speak up with how you are feeling.  Don’t sit and dwell on how a friend is making you feel, tell them.  Be open with how you are feeling, hiding and saying it’s all fine won’t make a good friendship at all.  

Love them, tell them!  Never don’t say I love you when you are feeling it, as the saying goes you never know what may happen, so tell them how you feel.

Accepts You

A good friend will accept you as you are.  Not try to change you or think less of you because you are different then they are. The number one reason that making friendships for me is hard is because I’m different and most aren’t willing to keep trying, accepting me as me, allows that friendship to blossom.

So accept them, you never know you might have an amazing long-lasting friend right under your nose.  In my experience some of the best kind of friends are complete opposites.

There are some of my basis of a good friendship.  What are yours?  I’d love to know and pick up on what you think makes a great friendship.