A Little Family Fun With Dice Alias #tacticgames

A Little Family Fun With Dice Alias

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In case you are new around here, I love a good board game.  Love them!  I love doing game nights, I love playing any and all type of games.  I especially love word games.  I’ve always been a fan of scrabble and I am the big big winner at boggle.  Also, in our family, we play a lot of yahtzee, so dice tend to be a big part of who I am as well.

What do you get when you throw together a dice game and word game?  Why Dice Alias of course!

A Little Family Fun With Dice Alias

Description from Amazon for Dice Alias:

  • Super Fast-paced game play!
  • Master your vocabulary by giving other players clues using synonyms and antonyms and other descriptions in this word association game
  • Flip over the included category discs e.g. “Things in your refrigerator” to completely change the game
  • Everyone plays at the same time there are no turns
  • First player to race around the board wins

The first time Jason and I tried to play, I realized it wasn’t a two-player game, but 3 to 8.  We couldn’t really play a two player version but we tried to get a quick feel of the game itself.  Roxy wanted to play too, so we gave her a marker and she was thinking up words and shouting them out! *In reality, Jason and I were helping her out on thinking of the words and describing them*

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 362 - Roxy Wanting to Play Dice Alias

With Dice Alias, you can, but you don’t have to, use the category cards included.  Say one says In the Refrigerator, you’d get to move two spaces instead of one if you can find a word in the dice that would fit that card.  If you only come up with a word that isn’t in that category you move one space.  Pretty easy right?  So to make it a bit more difficult we have used the category cards both times we played it.

You find a word in the dice and you shout Alias and then describe the word to the other players to get them to guess the word you have in your mind.  Give them around 30 seconds or so to get it or move on.  The first one around the board wins!

The second time we played on New Year’s Eve was a bit better since there was three of us, but some of the category cards didn’t make a whole lot of sense to us because I think they were using the UK language for it and so we just played the best we could with what we thought it could mean.

A Little Family Fun With Dice Alias - Board New Years Eve

Overall, we liked the game, but it probably won’t be the first game we go for on game nights.  We may have to come up with some house rule twists to make it a bit more interesting next go around.

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Does Dice Alias sound like something you’d enjoy?  You can snap it up at Amazon right now and find it in your hands to try in no time.  What kind of games do you tend to gravitate to?