Currently – January

Currently - Angies Angle

I’ve seen these currently posts floating around for quite some time and have always enjoyed reading them, but I never realized where people got their prompts for them until today.  Ya, call me slow.  It’s okay, go ahead – I know I don’t always catch on to things quickly as others.

Since I always enjoyed reading these link-ups I decided what a better way to start the new year than by adding in a new link up to start it out.  Thanks to Anne & Jenna for hosting!  I look forward to hopefully completing the full year of currently prompts!

Currently – January

resolving: to focus (it’s my word for the year) more on my blog and bring more of “me” back into it.  I feel I have lacked that quite a bit the last half of the year and I need to bring some more of me back in with some regular random posting.  Such things as this and All About Me Fridays plus more of the my regular weekly segments.  I also plan to focus more on Roxy and Jason and less on the computer.  I am planning to type up a year of goals soon too because I have done in the past couple years and I really like doing it.  I feel it gives us a plan for the rest of the year.  Plus wanting to play more games and do more puzzles.  Get my mind and body both moving!

reading: Right now I am reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King in hardback and Frail Blood by Jo Robertson on the kindle.  I am loving Doctor Sleep and I am almost done with it.  I just recently gasped at a part of the book because I didn’t see that coming at all.  And I love that in a book.  Something that makes me gasp out loud is awesome.   Frail Blood is okay.  

organizing: nothing right now.  We have hopes to be organizing ourselves a beach vacation here soon, but we’ll see if we can do that since both the truck and car need work.  We really want/need to get away though.  So here is hoping that soon I can be organizing that.

loving: I am not sure what I am loving at the moment.  Life has been kind of weird.  Heck, we have had the tree undressed and all the decorations down since last Friday and yet here it still sits in the house all bare and not allowing me to clean up the rest of the way.  I am loving Roxy cuddles lately though, she has been extra cuddling lately.

craving:  Full on meals.  Like lasagna, Jason’s sweet n’ sour chicken, steak n’ gravy with mashed potatoes.  I just want big full comforting meals lately.  I think cause we have been pretty bad about eating lately and I just want those meals back. Plus those are comfort foods for me and they just sound amazing.  Though, like I said on Kelly’s page, I have craved salads greatly too. Like BIG time!

  • Debbie Gibson

    I am totally with you on the craving thing, i have been craving steak and all the fixins. actually any kind of meat just as long as it is fall of the bone tender and full of flavor. I really hope that you are able to organize a trip for you and Jason, I think you both deserve a little vacation to relax.

    • Jason bought some steak at Costco last weekend and since he forgot to freeze it we had three different times through the week. Two times as a salad (which was amazing) and once as fajitas lol And trip may not work, but hopefully there will be a little something soon.

  • I’m all about comfort food right now, too! This cold weather we are having always makes me want warm, yummy food and treats. Right now, I totally want to to go bake some brownies! Haha.

    Anyways, thanks for linking up Angie!!

    • I don’t even care that much for brownies and those do sound good right now! lol

      • I’m not a HUGE sweets fan, but molten lava cake (like once a year) sounds way better than a brownie. I have seen some pretty awesome variations of brownie recipes lately, though. Brownies with nuts, yes please.

        • I am not a big chocolate fan, you can all gasp now lol
          It’s rare when I want chocolate.

  • Organizing a beach vacation would be great! And in the meantime, comfort food sounds good here too… it’s so cold out! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • Thanks Anne!
      And I agree planning a vacation would be lovely. Sweet Home Rentals is doing an awesome rental special and we’d really like to take advantage of it again this year.

  • Ashley

    I love lasagna!!

    • It’s an amazing creation!

    • I love any pasta, but I’m not so great at making lasagna. Stuffed shells are pretty awesome, but I could live on spaghetti.

      • I am not good at making it (I am not good at making anything) but I’ll eat it lol 😉

  • OMG, Angie! I love this post and this idea for a series. I’ve never seen it before, but I’m definitely participating. I just posted my January post. I’ll be sure to get my February post up sooner so I can link up. I’ve been trying to find a way to weave things like this in that don’t necessarily deserve an entire blog post or that even kinda of summarize what I have posted.

    Your blog is so inspiring to me! You inspired me to further my photography skills with Catch The Moment, write my word for the year instead of resolutions and READ!!

    Of course, I don’t need inspiration to plan a beach vacation. I’m convinced my life would be UH-MAZING if I rented out beach chairs and umbrellas for a living. You’ve also inspired me to share more moments with my fur baby!

    As far as cravings go, that’s day-by-day for me. That’s why it’s so hard for me to commit to eating lunch in while at my day job, but I’ve done it 3 out of 5 days this week so far and I’ve only hit the vending machine 1 of 5 days so far.

    I have to do a post about you!! You really do rock!

    • Oh Melissa, you are way to cute and sweet <3
      I just follow what other bloggers do mainly lol I like "me" being in the blog anytime I can.
      Life would be amazing to live at the beach. Sit on my deck each morning with my coffee, Roxy and my book and life would be simply perfect.

  • Hoping you can organize that beach trip soon!