Catch the Moment 366 – Week 1 #CatchtheMoment366

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 4 - Stuck in Gresham

You guys know I was very iffy on if I wanted to keep doing Catch the Moment. I kept forgetting days, I felt that I didn’t do enough to warrant any interesting photos, and the list could go on and on. But, Melissa asked if I wanted to co-host with her and I was still wobbling on if I really wanted to try again, my third year, doing Catch the Moment. I finally decided you know what I will. I do like that I always know that I have one day of the week that I know without a doubt I’ll have something to post. That is comforting.

Plus hopefully this year we’ll do a bit more again and I can have some fun photos throughout the year with the boring everyday ones.  Time will tell, but it’s exciting to be starting a fresh new year and new ideas.

I am going to be following a different 52 Week Photograph Challenge this year as well, but including it as one of my photos for the week for #CatchtheMoment366, so that is kind of exciting too.  I’ll take note when it’s the photo from the Challenge, just for reference.

And yes, it’s a leap year which means we have an extra day this year, noting the new number at the end of Catch the Moment.  

Okay, let’s get this ball rolling!

Catch the Moment 366 – Week 1

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 1 - Roxy Says No New Calender

Day 1 – Friday, January 1st – Forgive the blurry quality of this photo, but it was taken with Jason’s camera phone.  We knew if either of us got up to get the real camera she’d move.  I laid down on the floor to write out the birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates on the new wall calendar for the year and Roxy was like ugh, nope Mom, not happening.  

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 2 - Frozen Fruit Treat

Day 2 – Saturday, January 2nd – I love frozen fruit as a snack.  It’s one of my favorites, but I don’t always think to have it. We are going through the freezer and pantries trying to use things before we do another big grocery shopping trip and so it was time to use up all the older frozen fruit.  And yes, I like to snack on them frozen.

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 3 - Snow

Day 3 – Sunday, January 3rd – Jason took a few shots in the morning before I got up of the snow starting to fall. We ended up with about two inches.  Which if you know the Portland area doesn’t happen too often.  It was a nice sight.  I’ve missed seeing snow, especially around Christmas.  

The next day photo kind of links in with this one.  Jason got an emergency page from one of his properties Sunday evening. We all went, thinking that we’d be back over the bridge in time to be able to go to Chucks Produce to get some much-needed fruits and veggies like we were about to do when he got the call….

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 4 - Stuck in Gresham

Day 4 – Monday, January 4th – Next day and we are still stuck at Jason’s property.  As soon as we left Sunday, it started to freezing rain and the roads got awful.  The snow was fine, but the ice, not so much.  So after Jason worked his page and got another page, we decided it was just way too slick to be trying to head home.  So we stayed in Gresham.  Thankfully one of the residents gave us food and dog food. We had the model to stay in.  But we lacked any of our things to make sure our stay was comfortable enough.  We at least, had food and warmth and liquids.  Poor Roxy by Monday afternoon was so bored with no toys or nothing to play with.  We couldn’t go outside much because Jason’s property roads were a pure ice rink.  So there we sat.  

Thankfully Jason worked at breaking the ice in the parking lots and we were finally able to head home late Monday afternoon.  Almost a full 24 hours later.

It was decided after this ordeal there be a packed bag full of needs in the car from now on.  Including toys for Roxy.

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 5 - Upcoming Review of Exuviance SkinRise

Day 5 – Tuesday, January 5th – I am reviewing this for BrandBacker, review hopefully coming Monday for Beauty Monday. I have to say it smells AMAZING!.

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 6 - Selfie

Day 6 – Wednesday, January 6th – First challenge for the 52 Week Photo Challenge was Selfie.  Here we have it.  Simple enough, right?

Catch the Moment 366 - Day 7 - Roxy Toy Hoarder

Day 7 – Friday, January 7th – I look over while Jason was on his way home and noticed Roxy had all these toys hoarded on the couch.  This is not a normal sight at all.  I don’t know what she was up to, but I giggled when I noticed it.  She, by then, was more interested in Daddy being almost home.