Currently – March

Currently - Angies Angle

The third month of the year, March, has already found us.  Which means a new monthly Currently link up with Anne & Jenna.  With Currently, if you are new around here, you are giving 5 prompts to follow with what is currently happening your life.  It’s a fun link-up and I look forward to it each month.  Won’t you join us?  Without further ado, Currently – March coming up!

Currently – March


I’m wishing for vacation time, still.  It seems to be a regular theme for this link up when something is prompted and vacation is talked about.  We without a doubt need a real vacation away from everything though we are both feeling a bit less stressed and more comfortable.  Still, though, a vacation, please.  A week or so in a beach rental on the Oregon Coast if you, please!

Also wishing that my gosh darn hands weren’t always freezing cold, that would be lovely too.


A nice adult beverage in a bar or restaurant.  We haven’t been out in quite a while, which is good for the pocketbook but I find myself craving a nice cocktail like no other.  I am not sure why, but I feel it’s much-needed soon.  A nice long island iced tea, or a specialized drink that places to tend to have or Shanes surprise drinks that I love. Something.


In a couple of weeks up to Seattle to go with Jason to his team building work thing.  I am so looking forward to it.  It’ll be a nice little change of pace. And while I’ll be in the room for most of the time, at least, I won’t have to be away from Jason like last year for it and will be able to stay at the amazing looking Cedarbrook Lodge!  On our way back home we’ll be staying with Jason’s cousin too before heading back home, so that’ll be fun too.  I’m looking forward to going so much!


Pj’s.  It’s all I really want to wear lately.  Just let me stay in my comfy clothes all day every day please.  Nevermind, that I won’t personally ever go in my pj’s minus the mailbox on our fence.  Still with the chilly weather, it’s truly all I want to be wearing.  Anyone else?


To focus on one thing at a time and I tend to do better at what I am working on then trying to do fifty million things at once.  I think I am slowly learning that moving my focus on to one thing really does help achieve more than trying to do all and be all.  I still quite often have seven to eight windows open on my desktop, but still trying to mainly focus on one of those windows at a time.  Slowly learning I said!

  • Rose Powell

    This is a cool post, I dunno that my readers would care so much. I too, am craving an adult beverage/outing at that. My husband and I haven’t had an opportunity for a date night in months… We need a break from the norm.

    • I love personal regular things on blogs, so your readers may too!

  • Haha, I could go for a nice fancy cocktail as well! You deserve one! 🙂

    • It just sounds so good, it always taste better to me out then at home lol

  • Savvy WorkingGal

    I like currently posts. Just might participate next month. I could use a vacation and a drink out about now. We are taking a real vacation this summer – the first one in two years. So looking forward to it even though it is only in northern Wisconsin.

    • You should, they are fun – I love that they give you the prompt (I like prompts) and off you go, not much thought just what goes through your mind when you read it. I’d love a vacation with a few drinks mixed in. lol And hey to me a vacation is a vacation even if just a weekend away!

  • aprilaakre

    I know how you feel about wanting a vacation. It is so nice to get away sometimes. There are so many days that I don’t want to get out of my pajamas, there are also days that I wear yoga pants and I don’t do yoga. They are really comfortable pants and working from home I want to be comfy.

    • I wear all kinds of comfy bottoms made for other things. lol I hardly ever do those other things in them. lol And me working at home and no kids quite often I don’t need to get out of them.