Random Questions from particlewoman

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 327 - Daddy and Roxy - November 23rd (1)

Today for All About Me Fridays (which I know I haven’t done in a long time) I’m answering some random questions from my friend Meghan over at particlewoman.  It was actually part of a Liebster Award, but since I am just a wee bit to big now for that truthfully, I decided to just snag the questions at least.  Since my blog has been pretty quiet recently of personal things minus Catch the Moment postings.  

My Random Questions Asked & Answered

1. How long have you been writing?

It seems like forever.  I have old paper notebooks and journal stuffed in my chest in the attic.  Along with a couple different start of stories that I wrote in middle school.  I think it’s pretty fit its blogging I do with how much I love to write and think I can explain myself better in writing than in my actual speaking voice.  Online I started out on livejournal and met some amazing friends that are still my friends to this day even though most of us don’t use LJ anymore.  And I started to realize I could make some money and get items if I had a more open blog, which moved me over to blogger and then I took the big leap and bought my own domain.  And here I am.  Writing my life away!

fyi – in school I also handed out these questioners for my friends to fill out.  That whole writing thing is just in engraved in me.

2. What makes your home feel like home to you?

Jason and Roxy.  As long as they are with me it’s home.  I feel complete and happy.  I have to admit though my bed, my blankets, my books, my computer…all make it home too.  But those first two are my main ingredient.  

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 327 - Daddy and Roxy - November 23rd (1)

3. What is one misconception people have about you?

That I don’t like to be around others and/or I am anti-social.  While yes I am very quiet in person, I actually do enjoy being around others and like hosting and like doing things.  In all actually, I’d much rather do a big group thing than going out as just Jason and I.  Jason and I are alone all the time, for us it’s more fun when we do something to do something with others.  But my quiet, not knowing what to say, in person has people thinking I am either snobby or just anti-social.  Not so.  Hence me writing about My Awkward Social Nature.

4. What was a favorite toy of yours as a child?

I don’t think I had a single favorite.  I loved my Barbie’s, I loved my play kitchen items and of course I LOVED my books!!  

5. What is your earliest memory, and how old were you?

Truthfully I am not sure.  I have these memories here and there but I am not sure which came first or how old I was. Like falling backwards from the kitchen sink and almost biting my tongue in half.  And something about throwing up from the backdoor.  And than there was a hug from Santa.  A few years back I did a prompt for Earliest Memory

6. What pets do you have, if any?

We just have our lively little girl Roxy.  She is a 9-year-old Shi-Poo who we got when she was 5.  She is the light of our lives and we adore her.  Yes, she is very very very spoiled.  

Catch the Moment 366 Week 10 - Day 70 - Cleaning Under Roxys bed

7. Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show

Book – Little House on the Prairie Series – the only books I have ever read more than once.
Movie – Breakfast Club
Tv Show – The Middle

There are much more than those single answers, but I tried to be good and only put one for each this time.

8. Name a //least// favorite of each: book, movie, tv show

Book – Big Fish (not sure if its my least favorite, but most recent and I am not even sure if I disliked it or liked it)
Movie & Tv Show – I don’t really have any answers here.  I don’t watch certain shows or movies period, no least.

9. Where/when would you travel first if you were a companion to The Doctor on the T.A.R.D.I.S.?

I don’t watch/know exactly The Doctor is.  But I’d love to go back into the 1950’s era.  I have this weird feeling that I actually lived back than, but I’d love to see it and feel it now.

10. What instruments, if any, do you play (or would like to play), and why did you choose it/them?

Nada.  I am not musically crafted.  I have always wanted to learn the piano, but never have, yet.

11. What hobby have you never tried, but would like to?

I am not sure.  Painting furniture maybe?  

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. One of my favorite snacks is Cheez-It’s.  Only Cheez-its though.  Do not try to give me those Cheese Nips or any of those little cheese crackers that are like Cheez-Its.  Only them please.
  2. I love the smell of a good summer rain.  Which just happened a few moments ago.  The smell it drives up is just amazing and clean to me.  
  3. I’m rewatching the whole series of Gilmore Girls on Netflix before the movies/mini-series come out later this year.  I am in the last season now and am almost done.  Is it odd I don’t remember a lot of this season even though Jason and I watched it.  I know we did.
  4. I love swimming.  I love the free feeling you get while being in the water.  Given that, you’d think it odd I haven’t been actually swimming in years.
  5. I am in a big jigsaw puzzle phase.  It used to be when Jason and I would pull out a puzzle to do, that Jason would do most of it and I’d drift off and not care about it and Jason would have it done in a day or two.  Now one of us does the puzzle first by their selves and the other does it after them before starting a new one.  We get our use out of those puzzles now and I am completely addicted.
    Catch the Moment 366 Week 25 - Day 176 - Completed Owl Puzzle
  6. I do not like meat that is on the bone.  Please give me boneless meats.  No bones.
  7. I love scented products.  I’d much rather a product be scented than unscented.  Some of my favorite scents (and there are many) are vanilla, cinnamon, watermelon, and lilacs.
  8. I love fruits and vegetables, but hardly ever think to eat them.  Whenever we have a party I make sure I make up one or two fruit and vegetables.  I never trust someone is going to bring one or what.  Plus if someone does that is completely good cause it’ll all get ate at some point.  
  9. I’m like a kid in the candy store when placed in a book or a makeup/smelly store.
  10. Am not huge on chocolate, but give me chocolate with peanut butter or caramel in it and I’m happy.  I’d usually rather have something sour though.
  11. I hate lunch time.  I love to eat it.  Love it, but I can never figure out what to eat.

So those were some random facts about me in this random questions session.  I tried to do a few different things that I may not have mentioned before, so hopefully you learned something new!

  • RoseSiders

    I thought I was the only one who hated meat on bones. I can do ribs (sometimes) but that is it. No chicken wings, no chicken legs. Boneless/skinless all the way.

    • The only time I eat ribs, which is rare, is if Jason pulls the meat off the bone for me. But even then its just all tasty fatty and yuck to me most of the time.

  • Carmita Barnes

    I love reading all of these sis ! Of course I remember you falling from the sink that was scary when you put your tongue out and it was just hanging there lol ! I am also not a big chocolate fan can take it or leave it. Totally with you when it comes to sour yum ! I also love swimming but I go every chance I get ! If we stat at a motel with a pool I want to use it lol ! love all of these thanks for sharing !

    • Thanks sis. I love reading and doing this kind of stuff too. We rarely use the pool at hotels, they kind of gross us out, but we do it at times.