3 Types of People that Make Me Sad

Types of People That Make Me Sad

This post is going to be hard for me. Before I even get started in on the 3 types of people that make me sad, it is to be noted that I do these things too. Am trying hard to squash them in myself because I know how awful I feel when I experience it from the other end.

Having felt down most of this week. I thought working through some of these traits may help me clear it out and move on. Plus I’d be able to sneak in an all about me Friday posting. Hopefully two birds, one stone.

Types of People That Make Me Sad

When I was listing out the things for this post today, I realized that the three of them are kind of the same and have a running theme. Being super quiet and not voicing my thoughts on everything I think is why they are so similar. Me online vs. me in person is very different. I think also that I take things differently online vs. in person.

Overly Sensitive About Everything

Complaining about everything. That one person didn’t do it the way you imagine it should. Oh look that person did that thing weird. Let’s complain about it and make them stop doing that. Why? As long it’s not morally wrong, hurting anyone else.  Why must they do it the way you envision it? Maybe that is their way. Is it harming you? Is it harming anyone else?

As long as what they are doing/how they are doing it doesn’t endanger anyone else or anything property wise, etc – why does it concern you? It seems people have their nose way into other people’s business anymore. Maybe it’s just being I am an adult now and notice these things. And have these things directed at me. But seriously it doesn’t seem like it used to be so much this way before. People need to be more accepting.

Again I can be over sensitive about things. I rarely voice them though and I try not to because I know in my head that it gets old and there really is no need to be this way. But again totally guilty on this one too.

Judgy People

Now this one basically ties into that first one. But I think judgy people more silently judge you and look down at you. Yes, they may voice it but I don’t think they do as often as those that overly sensitive about everything. To me, judgy people can come across snobby too.

To me, I think judgy people think whatever they do is the best. However, they may do something is the only right way. You don’t look like they think you should, they judge.

Don’t they understand that if everyone did things the same way and acted the same way, life would be been darn boring and mundane.

Me? Because I am so quiet in person I can come across snobby to people, therefore judgy.  I am in no way snobby though which is why I try to add people online to get to know them and them me. Which leads to the last type of person.

Deleting/Blocking for commenting & interacting with you

As I stated above, since I am so quiet in person I tend to add people on facebook so I can get to know them & them me. I usually go through my feeds in the morning and commenting and like anything that catches my eye. But, I tend to get deleted and/or blocked for doing so it would seem.  It may not be why, but it sure points in that direction.

Why do people delete/block you if you actually pay attention to them? I’d love if I was actually paid attention to. Isn’t that why people post things on there? Isn’t it to get comments and likes? I know that is why I do it. I assume that is why everyone does.

But, maybe I am wrong.

I do go through streaks where I post on facebook a lot. Other times, I rarely post. And even more rare do I post videos and/or memes. Maybe it’s because I don’t post that type of stuff?

I don’t know, but it bugs me.

So there we have the 3 types of people that make me sad.

What types of people make you sad? Are you guilty of doing the same things that make you sad from others?



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