Why I Have This Need to Be Liked

Need to be liked - main

Eyes downcased, fidgeting, and not saying much.  This is pretty much me in person.  Likely you’d think I was a total snob. Which is far from the truth of the matter.  I don’t know what to do with myself in the real world.  Feeling out of place and thinking of not a single thing to say the majority of the time.

Online though, a total jabber box and almost always thinking of something to say.  Often feeling ignored.  Yet, still charging forward with my chatter.

Combine the two real world as you see me and the online world, that is who I really am.  Once you get to know me and once I feel comfortable with you.  Which let’s face it, takes forever.  I am sorry about that.

So why there is this need to be liked always inside me?  I want the world to like me and to get to know me.  Everyone to accept me and love me as me.

Knowing that isn’t how the world works though and would be kind of silly if it did, still its there always.

Need to be liked - main

Why I Have This Need to Be Liked

I think for me, the reason I want everyone to like me is that I am so hard to know in the real world.  Often feeling like I don’t get a real chance to open up and let you see me as who I really am.  You see this quiet, wordless woman and not much else.  Yet, I Let everyone in right away and I call them my friend.  My heart gets broken a lot because of this but I don’t know how else to do the whole friendship thing.

I dream about having these huge parties where everyone is relaxed and enjoys themselves.  Nothing special is needed to be done and everyone interacts well and has fun.  It’s that whole love of hosting and knowing that a bit more of “me” comes out when I invite you to one of our gatherings.

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The question is why do I have these need to be liked?  What is inside me that makes me want to everyone love me? As I briefly stated above, I really think its because I am so quiet and closed off in person from the beginning.  If I was more open and talkative from the beginning I don’t think I’d have this deep need to be liked as I do.

Why This Deep Need?

Logically, you are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  Not everyone is going to take the time to get to know you as you are.  People often base people off how they are when they very first meet them.  That likely makes me off the list of wanted friends or being liked from the beginning.

I feel I am acquired taste and you need to get to know me online so you can see I am totally different than you first met me as.  Hence me adding people to facebook.  It’s my way for me to get to know you more and you me.

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There have to be more people like me in the world.  That is quiet and withdrawn in person, especially at first.  Yet, wants everyone to actually like them and wishes more people took the time to actually know them as they truly are.

Do I wish that I was more open and talkative from the beginning?  You bet!  I am who I am though.  There will be no changing who I am and I am okay with that.  My hope is that you are as well.  Come on, like me – be my friend?

Ending Note

Not everyone will like everyone else.  That is not the way the world works.  Just like not everyone has the same opinions or thoughts.  It just doesn’t work that way and if it did the world would be very boring.