The Most Full Adventure With Camping for Our Anniversary

Camping for our Anniversary - Hero

As part of being a Kia Partner, this story is inspired by it. With the long-term use of a Kia Soul. However, all thoughts & images are 100% my own. The post may also contain affiliate links. While we were able to go camping for our anniversary. Jason’s current company does an amazing thing forRead more

An Overnight Camping Adventure in the Kia Soul Turbo

Camping Adventure in the Kia Soul Turbo-1

Kia has provided the 2017 Kia Soul! Turbo for our testing pleasure. However, all thoughts & photos are 100% my own. Amazon affiliate links are used in the post below. If you buy with that link, I may receive a kickback for you doing so. Camping. Camping is one of the greatest things to do.Read more