The Truth of Angie’s Angle – What and Who You’ll See

Truth of Angie's Angle

I have an about me here on the top bar of the blog but decided it was time to do a little update and a little refocus since things may have slightly changed since I wrote that.  Plus give a little more detail about what kind of goodies you’ll be seeing around here and whoRead more

How I Ignored My Anxiety to Have an April Adventure with Roxy

April Adventure with Roxy

Thanks to Kia for the use of the Kia Soul Turbo that we have named RubytheKiaSoul.  They helped prompt today’s post with the use of their vehicle.  However, all thoughts and photos are 100% my own. When you have no problem leaving the house with someone else, but the mere idea of leaving the houseRead more

How I Got the Courage to Go For What I Wanted

How I Got the Courage

Thanks to the Kia Family.  This post is inspired by them and the use of their gorgeous fiery red Kia Soul for the next few months. Living a life of anxiety-filled and introvert tendencies tends to close you in.  Leave you in a tight little circle you don’t want to move out of if you don’tRead more