Introducing you to Rose

I decided it would be fun to introduce you to one of my favorite people, Rose from Immutable Ramblings.  We have been blogging friends for quite few years now, actually met through a Christmas Secret Santa Swap.  She is an amazing crafty gal, I am in awe of her talent.  Without further ado, I give […]

Finished Piczzle + A Giveaway ends 3/18/14

Disclaimer:  The following post is part of a campaign or review.  I may or may not have been given an item and/or have been financially compensated for the following post.  As always though all thoughts are 100% my own, as are most of the pictures included. I am so excited you guys, Jason finally finished […]

Vacation Highlights

Now that I feel like I am truly getting back caught up with my emails and such, I can sit down and write a bit about our vacation and share some fun pictures.  Time to get the blog up and going once again, who knew that even though I had scheduled posts that my views […]

Cheating or Not? That is the question…

These thoughts have been running in my head for a few weeks now, and I thought I’d finally sit down and write out my thoughts on this and see what you all thought.  I need to do other posts first, but since this keeps popping in my head and just won’t leave, I need to […]

Literary Junkies Tuesday

I ran across this once before, but didn’t grab the button to play along, so this week I did as I was reading.  It’s nice being caught up enough to do some random things as you find them.  Since though I shall have the button stored for later use in my Windows Live Writer, we […]

Our Love Story with 5 Relationship Tips

I thought with Valentines Day fast approaching it would be fun to tell a bit more about Jason and I’s love story. I love learning how others met and how they got where they are now. I know I have dipped in a bit of how we met before, but some are new and I […]

My little Hummingbird

If any of you are familiar with Western Washington/Portland, OR area – you know we rarely get snow or even really cold temperatures.  It usually stays in the mid range, and we get wind and rain.  It’s a rare occasion when we get below freezing temperatures and even rarer that we get snow that adds […]

What’s That? I actually have a Weekend Recap?

I normally don’t ever do a weekend recap – though I love reading all yours, we just normally don’t have much that really goes on in a weekend to warrant an actual post all about it.  This past weekend I actually feel I have a bit to post about it, so I thought why not?!?Friday, […]

ABC’s of Me

I have seen several bloggers do this over the past few days, so I decided today I’d post it really quick before I drag myself to go get ready for a wedding we are attending tonight.  I love reading this almost as much as I like filling out things like this, so please feel free […]

Freshen your Laundry with Purex Crystals +Giveaway Ends 2/6/14

Purex gave me a Purex Crystals to give my full and honest opinion on with coupons for a giveaway. However, all thoughts are 100% my own as are the photos. We all love fresh smelling laundry, I think anyway.  There is nothing like pulling your clothes out of the warm dryer and having a nice […]