Did you happen to miss me?

Dog Butterfly Halloween Costume

I came to realize last night that my RSS feed had not been updating since the 8th of October.  I spent HOURS and HOURS trying to figure it out and get it fixed.  I was almost in tears several times thinking I was just up the creek with no paddle.  Did you miss me?

I finally, FINALLY, got it figured it out.  After doing what I read in the first place and deactivating all my plugins and my feed started to work again. I went through and reactivated each and everyone until I found the one that was messing with it.  Now I could have done that much earlier and not had so much heart ache, but what fun would that have been?

In case you missed the posts from the time my feed went to poo.

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Those the post you might have missed. 

I did buy Roxy this adorable Halloween costume, I’ll let you take a sneak peek now and do a more in depth Halloween costume post later.

Dog Butterfly Halloween Costume

Now back to your regular programming!

  • Amanda Dunville

    So happy you got this figured out. Blogging comes with a whole set of issues I had no idea about until I started myself. Learn something new everyday. =)

    • I know. I was like why oh why did I start my own site? This is insane lol

  • MelissaSayWhat

    What was the plugin that caused the issue? I’m curious!

    • Weirdly – W3 Total Cache

      • MelissaSayWhat

        Actually, that’s not weird. I’ve had issues with the cache plugins. I don’t use them any longer.

        • I guess more weird for me because I had it for a long time before it starting to cause a problem

  • aprilaakre

    I am glad you got it figured it out that kind of stuff is so frustrating

    • very. I try to learn but then I get all confused and nothing seems to stay

  • hate those unnecessary and unpleasant issues. And Roxy looks adorable!

    • Thanks hon! It was such a headache, but so easy to fix if I would have listened to the first help I read.