Second Month into a 3 Month Hair Challenge with System Hinoki #hinokioil

Hinoki 4-Step System for Thinning Hair - Month Two Progress

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I am getting this post up a little later than I intended to.  So in all actuality it’s 2 1/2 months into my journey with the 4-part system with Hinoki.  As I previous mentioned in my first post 1 Month into a 3 Month Hair Challenge with System Hinoki, this is a 4-part system that is supposed to help thinning hair if used regularly.  I’ve enjoyed my journey and am excited to share with you my thoughts at 2 months in.

Hinoki 4-Step System for Thinning Hair - Month Two Progress

I had my husband take pictures of my hair progress on Sunday.  I really wish that at the beginning I would have thought to take a picture in a pony tail to see if you could notice a difference that way.  I have seen others do that and it seems to have worked better than down like I started with.

My hair feels and looks super healthy though.  That is something I noticed right off just after a few uses with this line.  

I do think I notice a bit more thickness and volume after I straighten my hair.  It just looks fuller to me.  I don’t know really if it is, but it seems to be to my naked eye.

Hinoki 4-Step System for Thinning Hair - Month Two Back of Hair

There are four products to the System Hinoki:  Hinoki Shampoo, Hinoki Conditioner, Hinoki Thicker, and Hinoki Plus.  All four help work together to give you the hair you want. System Hinoki works to help make your scalp healthy so you may grow hair easier.

What do you think?  Do you see a difference from the first month and the second month into my journey?

System Hinoki - Comparing 1st and 2nd month

Oh wow, so putting it up like that I do think I see a difference.  Now I did trim my ends some, but even the sides look a bit fuller.  

Tell me what you think!

Are you interested in trying out System Hinoki?

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  • Miranda Gonzalez

    It does look a bit fuller and healthier!

  • Amanda Dunville

    I can notice a difference! That is awesome…. btw your hair looks so healthy and shiny.

  • MelissaSayWhat

    Holy cow! There is a huge difference. Your hair definitely looks fuller, shinier and even the color looks more rich!

    • I should have mentioned I have also colored my hair between the two photos. 🙂 And I love that others have noticed a difference too. Its not just me.

  • aprilaakre

    your hair looks great and healthy

  • Your hair certainly looks healthier and fuller! Well done!