Catch the Moment 365 for 2015 – Week 26 #CatchtheMoment365

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 179 - Late June Sunset

It seems like in a blink of an eye that it’s now almost 4th of July.  Where has the time gone?  What do I have to show for it?

I realize I have done very little on my yearly goals I set up for us for this last year and look the year is half way over.  Yipes, I need to get busy.  How are your year goals going?

This last week was fairly quiet.  Not a lot went on to tell you about.  I did get some fun/pretty photos this week, I think, which is something exciting.

BTCAD- Catch the Moment

Catch the Moment 365 for 2015 – Week 26

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 176 - Mini Lasagna

Day 176 – Thursday, June 25th – It was late after soccer and we still hadn’t eaten anything.  We needed a few things at Fred Meyer so we thought we’d just pick out something there while we got our items.  We were having a hard time figuring out what we wanted.  I said the lasagna looked good, but that would take forever and it was already late.  Instead, we ended up with the mini microwave lasagna.  I had had the Stouffers one at Mom’s in May and it was actually really good, so here it is for dinner.  Was just as tasty. 

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 177- Full Second Fridge

Day 177 – Friday, June 26th – The result of going grocery shopping and still having leftover items that you had bought for the anniversary party is a very stuffed second fridge.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 178 - Pleased with herself Dog

Day 178 – Saturday, June 27th – Jason was working on some paperwork for work Saturday afternoon.  He got up to use the bathroom and came back and Roxy was sprawled all across his paperwork with this grin on her face.  He went to get a photo with his phone and of course she jumped right up.  But, she came right back this time with her ball and flopped back down and grinned again.  I happened to catch it this time too with the big camera.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 179 - Late June Sunset

Day 179 – Sunday, June 28th – I happened to look outside and gasped and ran back in to grab my camera.  I was so excited to catch the rays that were showing.  I couldn’t quite the full orange/yellow that was also coming through, but I was just giddy over getting the shoots of it.

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 180 - BBQ Dinner

Day 180 – Monday, June 29th – Another BBQ dinner.  It took us forever to get the BBQer cleaned off and ready to use, but now that it is we have used it regularly.  It has been just too hot to cook anything inside if we don’t have to.  I am so over this heat already.  The corn on the cob, by the way, was divine!  Yum!

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 181 - Current Book

Day 181 – Tuesday, June 30th – Again we have my current book.   I swear I have refound my love of reading.  Even though I had always read a lot, I was totally slacking and letting the computer and emails take over.  I am taking the time now to just read and am loving it.  In fact, I have 3 books to pick up from the library too which I haven’t done in forever.  

Catch the Moment 365 - Day 182 - Panera Salad

Day 182 – Wednesday, July 1st – Panera Bread salad.  I tried a new combo and it was tasty.  I don’t recall what it was called right now and am too lazy to go look it up.  It was good though!