Want an Easy Way to Ease Those Cold Symptoms?

Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil

I am not one to go back and talk about a past product I reviewed.  Unless something really blows me away about it or I get another paid/product placement for it.  I mean it’s already on the blog, why come back to it?  

Today though, I just had to come back to a product because I was in need of such a product and was amazed at the difference once I used that product.

My husband has been battling this cold since last week.  He started the day after our anniversary party and even came home sick Tuesday and he NEVER does that.  So you know he must have been feeling bad to come home.  

Since he had been battling it for so long and I had no real signs of catching it, I thought I was in the clear.  

Wrong!  Last night my ears started to hurt, and then by the time I laid down in bed my nose started to stuff up.  Great!  And wouldn’t you know Jason is at the very tail end of his.  Why oh why?

This morning I wake up with a tight throat, stuffy, and just yucky.  It had totally got me.  Dangit I thought.  

I needed an easy way to ease those cold symptoms!

I had to do laundry today and as I am upstairs putting away clothes I look over to the dresser and I see the Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil sitting there.  It dawned to me that it is supposed to be good for colds.  I read the bottle again and sure enough, great for colds.  After putting away the laundry and getting ready to head back downstairs I put some of the oil on the sides my nose, my temples and a bit on my throat.  

Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil

Instantly I felt better.  My nose didn’t feel all stuffy and gross.  I could breath!!  Amazing I thought.  When I used it the first time, it smelled great, but I really didn’t have anything fully to test it on.  Now that I have I can honestly say that I am truly amazed and will keep using it and hopefully cut the cold time in half.  And hey being able to breath instantly after using it was just amazing in itself.

Have you battled colds with oils before with similar results?  Will you be grabbing Mia Mariu I Feel Good Essential Oil next time you are battling a cold?