How To Fill A Halloween Bag For Your Dog #BeyondSnacks

How To Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Hero

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I love Roxy.  To us, she is like our child with fur.  We treat her like we would our child without a question.  She goes with us when she can, she sleeps with us, she cuddles with us, she plays with us.  She is the center of our world.  

So why not treat her on Halloween too?  Why should it just be kids without fur that get to go and feel special on Halloween. Today I am going to show you How To Fill A Halloween Bag For Your Dog. 

How To Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Hero

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Step One:  First and foremost you need to get your dog a costume.  Yes, a costume for your dog!  Your kid wouldn’t go out to get treats without dressing up first, right?  So find a costume for your dog.  One they’ll be super to be comfortable in and don’t mind wearing would be ideal.

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Costumes

I found a couple different options for Roxy at Target.  Which do you think she should do this year?  Or a combo of the two?

Step Two:  Find something that you can store their Halloween goodies in.  I found several options while wandering Target, but ending up going with this cute black cat bag.  I thought about doing a bed, cause how cute and useful would that be? But, Roxy has enough beds right now I couldn’t allow myself to do that.  

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Halloween Bag

What would you choose to give your pet their goodies in?  Remember, make them feel like a real child of yours.

Step Three: Now for the good part, How To Fill A Halloween Bag For Your Dog, the filling, the important part of this whole gift for your dog.  

Since dogs can’t have the candy that is the big part of the Halloween treats, find other things that they’ll love in doggy style.  

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Toys

I found this cute little elephant and her favorite bag of balls to fill the bag with.  What kind of toys would you put in your dogs Halloween bag?  

Most importantly, they need an eatable treat, right?  One that is healthy and yet super yummy in the doggy’s tummy!

I found these Purina Beyond Snacks in White Meat Chicken Cutlets while wandering Target on my How To Fill A Halloween Bag For Your Dog mission. I felt these Purina Beyond Snacks were a perfect addition to Roxy’s Halloween bag because they are an all natural treat, that you can feel good about giving your pet all year around, not just for Halloween!

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Purina Beyond - In Store

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Purina In Store

The Purina Beyond White Meat Chicken Cutlets Natural Dog Snacks are made in small batches to ensure quality while being made right here in the USA, Arkansas to be exact.  Made grain-free with no soy, corn, or wheat with chicken being the #1 ingredient.  I can feel really great about putting this in Roxy’s Halloween bag.  You should feel just as good to put in your dog’s Halloween bag.  

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Purina Beyond Taste

You can save 10% now at Target with the Cartwheel for the Purina Beyond snacks, savings good until the 31st of October.

To Recap How To Fill A Halloween Bag For Your Dog

  1. Costume
  2. Bag or Bed
  3. Goodies for the bag or bed – including Purina Beyond White Meat Chicken Cutlets Natural Dog Snacks

How to Fill a Halloween Bag For Your Dog - Lip Smacking Good Purina Beyond

How will you be doing your dogs Halloween bag?  I’m anxiously awaiting to hear all your ideas and maybe pictures too for your dogs Halloween treat bag.  Remember healthy and happy dogs are what we are aiming for this Halloween and all year-long. 

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  • Amy Desrosiers

    Roxy is just way too cute for her own good! I just want to scoop her up and kiss her! #client

    • Thanks Amy! She is cute and she knows it, bad combo lol
      She’d give you all sort of kisses if you she could.

  • Shannon

    Roxy is such a cutie! We haven’t figured out Dante’s Halloween costume yet. He has several already, but he might need a new one.

    • We have several too, but I felt I needed a couple more to choose from. lol My poor girl with her pirate hat, she no like that one hehe

  • loveandcents

    Roxy is one lucky baby! That basket is a great idea. I love the pic of Roxy licking her nose after enjoying a snack. That says it all. πŸ™‚ #client

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ She quite enjoys them, I have so many pictures from this photo shoot and they were all cute lol

  • My dog went with my ex when we parted but when his house burned down, I got my sweet Zuki back (named after Suzuki, the motorcycle).

    I love him like a child and I adorn him with doggie clothes and treats all year long. I’m loving the idea of dressing him up for Halloween and giving him a trick-or-treat bag.

    What I put in it is of utmost importance. There are times when I think I feed my dog better than I feed my family, but the cost to feed my little 15 pounder is far less for high quality food and snacks than it is for my teenage son or my fiance who is nearly matched in size with my teenager.

    I’m happy to spend the extra money on natural treats that are better for Zuki, especially since he was recently diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia (which is odd for a small dog).

    I’ll definitely use your tips to create goodies for my dog-son for Halloween and beyond.

    It’s funny because even though we live in an apartment for now, we caught him burying one of his bones in the planters on the porch. I wish I could have caught it on video!

    • Roxy sometimes hides her nightly dental bone. lol Under the bike, off the side of the speaker. In plain sight, but “hidden”. lol

  • Roxy is so cute in that little costume! I love how small dogs can look so adorable wearing clothes!

  • Dorothy Teel

    Such a cute idea can also do one for your cat, though my cat hates dressing up…

    • Thanks Dorothy! And yes you could totally, I just focused on dog since that is what my baby is πŸ™‚

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  • Kelly O’Malley

    I have already told you how much Roxy looks like my dog but it is freaky. They are twins! I love that your Roxy has her own tab on your blog. Too cute. I love all the costumes. I would have my dog wear them all the time, just to make me smile. πŸ™‚

    • Roxy likes dressing up for like two seconds and then she says okay, I am done take it off now so I can be free lol

  • Tammy

    The photo of Roxy licking her lips is so cute! SAys a lot about the treats too! Thanks

    • She said they were the best tasting treats ever, Mom. πŸ™‚

  • Linda Manns

    This is a great idea. This dog is just so darn cute. Thank you for sharing this