August Beauty Faves #BeautyMonday

August Beauty Faves

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Before August ends, I want to hop in on this Beauty Monday and share with you all what are three of my favorite beauty products right now with August Beauty Faves!

You all know I test out a variety of beauty products and some don’t even hit the blog because I do just a quick review on Amazon or other places with my thoughts and that is that.  Sometimes too I just buy random things because they look fun and end up loving them.  Not always being able to have the pleasure of sharing my personal favorite products so I thought I’d throw this type of post in here and there to share with you all my current faves.

August Beauty Faves

August Beauty Faves


InstaNatural Dual Phase Mattifying Toner

If you are like me and fight an oily t-zone, you need this product.  I received this product first to review from Tomoson.  After just using it a couple of times I noticed there was a huge difference in how oily my skin got throughout the day.  Plus it felt great while going on.  

August Beauty Faves - InstaNatural

Hands down one of the latest products that completely blew me away when I started using it.  I didn’t think there would ever ben much help for my oily facial skin battle.  

Now I still get an oily t-zone.  It’s not a complete miracle worker, but it’s so lessened that I don’t have to apply powder every two seconds or be afraid to get my picture taken because of the shiny skin.

Find InstaNatural Dual Phase Mattifying Toner on Amazon now.  

Evian Facial Spray

I’ve already actually reviewed this quite awhile back, but since then it has become a complete staple in my beauty care routine.  My complete thoughts on how to Get Bold Makeup was my first step with Evian Facial Spray.  I also mentioned it on my results with Studio Gear Mineral Wear.

August Beauty Faves - Evian

You won’t find me applying my eyeshadow on most days without spraying my makeup brushes first with the Evian Facial Spray.  It not only helps make my makeup stay longer but yes also makes the makeup just bolder and brighter. 

A slight spray of this for each color of eyeshadow and you are good to go.  When it comes to applying the Mineral Wear, just spray your brush before dipping into the Mineral Wear.  Amazing results.

Find Evian Facial Spray on Amazon now.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Am sure that most of you have at least already heard of this product, maybe even tried it yourself.  It’s one of my personal favorite mascaras ever.  I find it curls and lengths my eyelashes just enough while not clumping my lashes like some mascaras can.

August Beauty Faves - Theyre Real

Truly perfect in my eyes.  On my eyes?  

I’ve never had big clumps of product on the wand either, which impresses me to no end as well.

Find Benefit They’re Real Mascara on Amazon now.  Or find it at Ulta too.

Those are my three favorites right now in this August Beauty Faves edition.  Do any of these products call to you? Do you have a favorite product right now that you want to share? I can’t wait to hear all about it.