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Win Word Slam

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We all know that games are much loved around this household. A good game night leaves me super excited. I think of games usually more in the Fall and Winter but any time of the year is always a good gaming time for me.

Hopefully, you read our fun game night and BBQ we had with Word Slam. Am pretty thrilled to be sharing with you all the chance to win your very own copy of Word Slam in this giveaway hop.

Win Word Slam

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Thames & Kosmos has agreed to allow me to host this giveaway to win word slam. Trust me, you are going to love it. Enter below via the gleam platform for your chance to win.

USA only. Come back daily for your daily entry & ways to enter may change over the course of the giveaway. Giveaway closes September 20th, 2017. The winner will have 48 hours from the time I email them as the winner to get back to me otherwise, I will be forced to pick a new winner.

Good luck!

Word Slam

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  • James Robert

    My kids will play together a few times a week, either board games or cards. I should be doing it more than I am and they do have fun with the 5 of them.

  • Kelly McGrew

    We play once a week! I think we could do more but I think once a week is a good start.

  • I give games to my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

  • Jayne Townsley

    We average about 1x a week.

  • Jan

    My niece and her hubby play about once a week with their friends; they have a bunch of people over for a party and play games 🙂

  • Linda Manns

    We try to have game night once a week. With all the activities going on it is hard to do it any more than this. If we have some rainy days we play more often. Thank you for sharing this

  • Olga

    My family and I have a game night at least twice a week.

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Yes, we should! Normally about once a week! 🙂


  • Judy Cox

    We try to get together every week to play either a board game inside or sometimes an outside sports game as long as the weather is okay!!!

  • Michael Shea

    I play games 3 to 4 nights a week, If anything I should play less not more.

  • Trey LaCaze

    2-3 nights a week

  • Donald Wayman

    Weekly, but wish for more.

  • Brody Sheard

    I play almost every day

  • polly

    We play games all the time when our grandsons are over

  • Darlene Carbajal

    We don’t play games as much unless my family comes over.

  • Lesley F

    I play games with my granddaughter all the time and when the family comes over, we play games

  • Kelly VanAuken

    We play a few times a month. Not enough by far.

  • Renee Rousseau

    We have an empty nest right now with family scattered across the States. We love to play cards and word games whenever we get together and challenge each other on virtual games to stay connected.

  • Nicole Lancaster

    My family plays games every Saturday night, It is our special time together.

  • lshumack

    Tuesday are our game nights! It’s the one night outta the week when there aren’t any activities or anything going on!