Update on my Quietness

Once again, this will not be SEO friendly or filled with pretty photos.  It will be just a simple update on my quietness.

In case you missed it and wondered why I have been so quiet lately.  You can go first and read this post from earlier this month, Why I’ve Been So Quiet.

For the long wait for my colonoscopy, I dreaded what they’d tell me.  Certain I had cancer and would have to fight for my life and spend mounds of money we didn’t have.  I felt every little twinge in my body and swore that yep it’s killing me, I have cancer.

My stomach hurt, my back hurt, and then I lost my appetite.  The mind never stopped thinking the worst and I was lost in terror each and every day.

Update on my Quietness

The week of my colonoscopy was horrible.  Though I was at least sleeping better, which I think my body was just over the terror I was putting in it and sleep was the answer.

Friday, August 10th I had to stop eating things with seeds or nuts.  Which was just torture, especially this time of year.  I lived on berries, cucumbers, and tomatoes. We went to the Clark County Fair for Tuff Trucks on Saturday, August 11th – which at times I felt perfectly fine and normal but then worry would overcome me and I’d be in a cold terror again. The first round of Tuff Trucks I did well on not worrying and felt almost normal.  Even though that show was pretty darn boring and slow.  Second half I was bad and kept searching on my phone, then Jason took away my phone.

Thursday, August 16th – meant it was time for my clear liquid diet and starting my jug of prep liquid.  It wasn’t horrible. But it sure wasn’t my favorite.  I was to drink half of the jug of prep Thursday evening and the other half of it the next morning. I downed the half Thursday evening with no real issues, even the taste wasn’t bad to me.  I think it was fairly okay for me because I already wasn’t eating a lot & therefore didn’t have a lot in my system.

Friday morning, August 17th – the day of dreaded colonoscopy.  I had to get up at 4 am to drink the rest of the jug. This was after only going to sleep at 1 or 2 am.  And I almost gagged a few times, it wasn’t going down as easily as the first half, which I thought was strange.  We had to be at the hospital by 8:15 am for my appointment.  Which meant leaving the house by 7:15 or so since the appointment was in Clackamas.

I was a nervous wreck.  At first, I went back to the prep area by myself, which unnerved me.  Then after the doctor came in, I asked if my husband could please come back.  And sure they said, and out they went to get him.  Which helped some. Especially since he said it would be about a half hour more.

They did all their prep on me.  As my mind raced fearing they were going to tell me something horrible and unmanageable after all this.  They wheeled me back into another little room and gave me a nice little sleepy drug and the next thing I knew I was waking up back in the first little room.

The first thing I remember uttering was am I okay? And the lady said, yep you are perfect.  My mind I think drifted back to sleep for a bit. Then I got some cranberry juice.

I only kind of recall, but I am remembering asking again about it.  Or something.  And it ended up being they found absolutely NO polyps or any signs of inflammation.  They did, however, find some small hemorrhoids which could be the cause of the bleeding. That was it.

I didn’t even have any polyps to have to wait for results on.  I was good.  I was done.  After all this horrible imaging and giving myself cancer, I had nothing to worry about.  My relief was one of the best feelings in my life.  I cried.  I said I thought for sure you were going to tell me I had cancer.

Back to my regular life but a better life…

Moving Forward

With that good news, we are moving forward with life.  Living our best life.  Ready to make even more movement on my year of exploring & growing.

This week starts back to business on the blog and social media.

You’ll be seeing some backlog of books I have read the last couple months.  You’ll also be seeing our vacation last month, the last rap-up post all about Ruby the Kia Soul, and a post about the cars we have our eyes on.  Lots in store and I can’t wait to share with you all.