Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp

Our bedroom and master bathroom are in the upstairs attic area.  It’s not the attic so much anymore. Each side has a door into an actual attic area. This master bathroom wasn’t here at first, Jason’s dad fudged it along and this is what we have.  A master bathroom that will make you gasp.

Okay, Okay, not likely to gasp, but still it’ll be an interesting ride. Get ready!

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp

Our house has many quirks. For me, though, I think the master bathroom is the biggest area where the quirks really come through.

You walk up those beautifully unique spiral staircase and you land at the top, where the first thing you’ll basically see is our master bathroom.

Turning to your left, you’d see this lovely view.

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp

I bet the first thing you think is a tub in the floor? What in the world? Why yes, there is a bathtub right in the floor. The first time I used it I was scared to death to fall through. Happy to say it’s been used over and over and I haven’t fallen through yet.

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp-4

Interesting, right? We have to figure out a new hose to fill the tub with though cause that is getting old and sometimes like to fly when filling the tub. 

The bites of blue floor you see will someday be replaced with something of unknown origin at this time. As well as the floor under the toilet you can see a tiny bit of there.  

Turning to your left from this view, you’ll see the sink and the toilet area.

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp-5

This area is okay but not great.  We’d like to find a regular sink and cabinet that may fit into this space and hopefully level the floor between the rest of the bathroom & the toilet. That little step/ledge can get tricky.

Ideally, we’d like to expand out the bathroom so we could have more space in the sink and toilet. Along with being able to have a shower up here too. That is if maybe kind of thing, though, not so much something we know can happen.

Turning to the other side is my little shelving unit Jason made and one of the doors to the attic.

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp-3

Not a lot to change or mind to change in this area.  The wallpaper at some point will go, though, that I can tell you. And my makeup things will at some point move into the bedroom with my vanity.

There we have our master bathroom that will make you gasp!  Did it make you gasp? Stay tuned next week for our master bedroom next!

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