Announcing My Personal Words for the Year 2019

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A few years back I ran across people picking word/s to follow for the year and at first I thought it was silly.  Then I picked one and found it guided my year much better than any resolution.  Am excited to be announcing my personal words for the year 2019.

One of these words actually came to me while trying to go to sleep.  Which seems to be the normal time that things like to float into my head and often I don’t remember what I thought of the next day.  This one though, luckily, I was able to remember and wrote down the next morning.  The follow-up word came to me later by chance and seemed to flow well with the first word and thought was perfect for word two in my words for the year 2019.

So let’s get words out into the universe so magic can happen with them for the year.

Announcing My Personal Words for the Year 2019

Words that ring to you to base your year around can be hard.  Sometimes they don’t come until a few weeks into the new year and other times they come right into your head at the very beginning.  And don’t stress if they don’t come to you until later, there is no rule that says you have to have your words at the very beginning.

Take time to really search for that word or words that will make your year the best it can be for you.  Remember only YOU no one else.

I feel these words came quickly to me this year but I waited a bit to get this blog post together is all.  Even waiting until I got this up until I announced what my words were.

Without further ado…what words will shape my 2019.

Words for the Year 2019 - Social

Word One: Move

This is the magical word that just floated up to me like an answer.  Not even knowing I was thinking of a word for the year.  Funny how that happens.

While yes the word means to move my body.  Making more time to move it by walking, working out, hiking, and in that general area.  There is also something else I think it fits with.

2018 Catch the Moment 365 Week 25 - Day 174 - Mt St Helens

I want to move my numbers.  Since my health scare back in July, numbers have been scary low.  Mainly meaning my blog views, since no matter how much I write the numbers don’t grow back.  I am stuck in this bad low place and I don’t like it.  The numbers on my social channels at least keep growing and those need to keep moving too. Because let’s be honest that is the only way I can get paid work and being I use that as a full-time job, it needs to happen.

Move this blog, let’s make it something.  Which means slightly shifting my focus a bit while still being able to do all the random lifestyle posts I like too.  We’ll see how this all pans out the year.  Now let’s move into word two. (see what I did there?)

Word Two: Expand

With moving comes expanding.  As I mentioned in my word move, I want to shift my focus a bit on the blog.  Which partly means expanding.  Not only the blog and how people see it but me as a person.

I need to expand more to what I can push myself to do.

LIke right now, I am typing this at something I have done just that with.  I pushed and expand myself to ask someone if they wanted to go to this Brews N’ Write-In at Final Draft Taphouse.  Let’s be honest I have wanted to go since Kimberley started it.  Not going by letting my own fears of going stop me and not asking if anyone wanted to go with me because of whole other fears. Happily, I asked if my cousin wanted to go with me and she said yes.  So here we are doing our typing at an actual event for writers to gather and write.  I also asked my fellow blogger, Jenny over at Mom Life in the PNW.  Sadly she couldn’t figure out this go around but hopefully, she’ll come along to another one in the year.

2017 Catch the Moment 365 Week 37 - Day 254 - Final Draft Taphouse Snaps and Taps

So expanding my blog and expanding myself.  Making myself do things that scare me but I know would be fun and helpful to me and in the blog in general. Expand my thinking.  Expand my brand.

Words for the year 2019 Together

Move and expand.  Together they’ll push me to make this space better and in turn me better.  With some splash on my physical body and mostly on the blog as a whole.  Jason and I want to do more of the things as we did with the kayaking for the 175th Oregon Trail Anniversary. That was simply amazing and I was in awe I was able to do it.  I was also scared out my wits to do it but was so glad I did because it was so fun.

End of the Oregon Trail (127 of 189)

So here it is to 2019 and using my words to shift my life and my blog.

What words/resolutions have you picked for the year?  I’d love to hear them!

Looking Back at Last Years Words of the Year

Last years words were: explore and grow.  Which held up well for the majority of the year.  See how those words shaped my year in the upcoming post! (will link once it goes live)