Taking a Look Back at the Year 2018

Look Back at the Year 2018 - Pin

Life doesn’t always go as planned.  Heck, if I am being honest it rarely does.  The universe I think has its own plans of where you’ll be landing and how.  The first six months of 2018 were great and exciting.  However, the last six months took a nosedive that I am still recovering from.  Taking aRead more

Announcing My Personal Words for the Year 2019

Words of the Year 2019 - Pin

A few years back I ran across people picking word/s to follow for the year and at first I thought it was silly.  Then I picked one and found it guided my year much better than any resolution.  Am excited to be announcing my personal words for the year 2019. One of these words actuallyRead more

Half of the Year Gone – Looking at My Focus Words for 2018


It’s over the half of the year now but I started this post when it was halfway.  With my health scare, it sat here wanting attention, but my head not being able to type it out.  Half of the year gone and I am ready to take a quick look back at my focus wordsRead more