Half of the Year Gone – Looking at My Focus Words for 2018


It’s over the half of the year now but I started this post when it was halfway.  With my health scare, it sat here wanting attention, but my head not being able to type it out.  Half of the year gone and I am ready to take a quick look back at my focus words for 2018.

Looking back at my words for the year:  explore & grow, I think I chose well.  I think I am doing good at putting these words into actions.

Half of the Year Gone – Looking at my Focus Words for 2018

Quite often when choosing a word to focus on for the upcoming new year, it’s just the one. But for some reason, I didn’t feel that quite worked.  I needed two.  Am not sure why or how I knew that I needed two words.

Explore came to me quickly and I knew that was the one for the year.  But…there was something missing.  I needed more. A fellow blogger was doing a vision board for the new year and I saw it on Instagram.  Her middle word was grow. Right then I knew that was the other half of my words.  Those were it!

I was so excited.


Jason and I have done fairly well on this word as a whole.  While yes there could have been more exploring, I think there have been good chunks of going and seeing things.  Vacations have happened, mostly thanks to being part of the Kia Family. Should there have been more exploring on these vacations, likely so.

February found us on vacation on the coast in the Kia Optima PHEV.  We explored to find this cute old covered bridge! It may have poured buckets but we had a good time and the white Kia got super dirty. April also found us on the coast, in Litte Miss Ruby. This time with my sister and her boyfriend.  We may, once again, not have explored as fully as we should have.  But we did find Pacific City finally and a part of the Oregon Coast we had never been on before.  Points right there!

Vacations are Better at the Beach-0433

Vacations are Better at the Beach-0610

April also included a solo adventure with Roxy, which I felt scored big huge points for me.

April Adventure with Roxy (1 of 7)

Yes indeed, I think explore has a good running start for 2018.  There is still time to get more exploring in.  Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do?


Grow is harder to pinpoint for proof.  I do know that I have put myself out there a lot more.  Which we all know is super scary for everyone but especially so for me.

I put myself out there to be a true part of the Kia Family, which turned in my favor.  I have sent many many pitches this last year, while none panned out it wasn’t for lack of wanting or open to working with me in the future.  And for me, I say that is also a win.

I did a HUGE campaign that included activities & an overnight stay for the 175th Anniversary of the Oregon Trail.  Which was fantastic and something I would have normally hide from.  I look forward to many more like that in the future.

End of the Oregon Trail (127 of 189)

Am looking forward to more growth before the year is out!

Wrapping up Half of the Year Gone

The year has been a decent one.  Minus my health scare the last month.  But that is all clear now and I need to dive back into my life and living.  Make use of these words more and make 2018 even more amazing.

How is your going?  Did you pick words for the year?