Exposing the State of the Backyard Now

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When this tour of our house started. I had the idea to take you through each room as if you were really in my home. Because of that idea, I had been taking each room in the order we’d normally go if that were the case. Sadly, I am skipping over a couple rooms to take you to the backyard now instead.

The main floor guest room will have to be later. Because right now it is piled high with extra boxes and junk. It has become our catch-all for our yard sale things among other things. Skipping over this room for now made sense because you couldn’t really “see” the room if I showed it to you now. And the point is showing you the room before we did any remodel work.

Pretending that the main floor guest room door is closed. And you close your eyes as we walk through the kitchen, I am taking you to the backyard now.  Showcasing all those dirty little secrets and weeds.

Exposing the State of the Backyard Now

Since this series started out in the front of the house, you’ve been there and done that. It’s time to showcase, or rather expose, the backyard as it is now. It’s a mess and slowly, very slowly, getting much improved. These photos were actually taken a couple months back because I wanted to get the full aspect of what it looked like before we started really working it.

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This little area is basically what you see when you first step off the little porch off the kitchen. Right now it isn’t much but a mess of weeds and stuff we want to get rid of to make it all less cluttery. This is the area though I really want a deck in. See where that little stump of a tree is, I’d like it centered around there. Ideally, I’d like a big outdoor set on the back deck here. Herb boxes around the outer edge of it and our BBQer and such on it. That is the idea thus far anyway.

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The area here is the one on the other side of the area I just showed you in the above picture. Here, I just want nice plush soft grass. Figuring that would lovely with the deck being right there and being able to sit and play in it. Those rocks will either stay or go for the path. Not completely sure yet on that little detail.

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Turning to your right or behind you from the area above, you see this. This will be the garden area.  Seeing here after Jason turned the garden behind before we got the tiller to till it up. It’s all ready for our yummy vegetables this season. Am thinking this area will stay pretty much like it is for a garden.

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Turning around from the garden area. Seeing a bit of grass, this will be nice plush grass again like the other corner. It’s my hope anyway. Then a little past that around the corner is the shed a little other side yard/concrete pad. I want the poles there gone and just have again a nice full lawn. The shed is in pretty bad shape and probably needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Time will tell if that can happen. But in the meantime, it needs to be cleaned up around it and several of the old boards thrown away to make it look nice.

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From the side of the little porch, we have this little straight patch of grass. As well as our grapes. Jason’s Dad planted these grapes a long long time ago and they still produce like crazy. Such tasty little things too.  Before I didn’t like them but a couple years back I really started to love them. AS for the patch of lawn, again just give me nice thick soft grass here. Maybe a few flowers back into the sides but not too much.

And that concludes the backyard now. I have a feeling that the after should come fairly quickly, along with the after of the front area/porch.

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