What to do with the Upstairs Nook?

Having been taking you through Our House tour room by room the last year.  Yes, it’s been a year and I am not very far at all.  Shame on me.  Anyway, it was stated I would be doing it room by room as if you were there with me in person. The last segment was […]

The Now of Simple Living in the Master Bedroom

We’ve made it today to our simple living master bedroom with this house tour. It isn’t much but it’s ours and we enjoy it.  Last week you all saw our master bathroom that made you all gasp.  Right, did you gasp? Check it out if you missed it last week. Now even though we enjoy […]

Master Bathroom that will Make you Gasp

Our bedroom and master bathroom are in the upstairs attic area.  It’s not the attic so much anymore. Each side has a door into an actual attic area. This master bathroom wasn’t here at first, Jason’s dad fudged it along and this is what we have.  A master bathroom that will make you gasp. Okay, […]

Remarkably Unique Spiral Staircase and the Heart of Games

In case you have missed it, I’ve been taking you on a history tour of our house.  While also going through each room as they are now and what we hope to do to it in the future.  The process I am taking in this house tour is imagining you are walking through with me […]

Embarrassed to Show You The Main Bathroom

Last year I started taking you around our house and showing you all now before we start doing things.  Granted, we have lived here for 6 years now and yet haven’t done anything major. We are hoping that this year will be different though and we can get to doing things around here. In case […]

Gather in Our Dining Room

Now that we have ventured through the history of our house, the front of our home, the main and second living room. Next, will be our dining room.  Our dining room right now is a pretty blank, boring space.  I have ideas, though! Gather in Our Dining Room I love hosting and love having people […]

Explaining Our Second Living Room

It’s been such a great time showing you all our house.  It’s not perfect and it needs so much work.  Jason and I have lived here for five years.  Yet time and money haven’t been our side to get things done.  Mind you, Jason lived here until he was 12, so to him, this house […]

Showcasing Our Main Living Room

Awhile back I started a series called Our House and introduced you to our house and our front outside area.  I had good intentions of getting the rest of the house showcased in short order, but my mind had other ideas.  I knew I was going to be taking you room to room throughout our […]

Treat Yourself To The Silky Softness Of Mellanni Sheets

Stripping the bed on Thursdays, I happily grab another set of sheets from our little nook upstairs to put on the bed before I take the sheets and towels down to be washed.  I like to have a different set of sheets ready to use so that I am not always putting the same sheets on […]

What The Front Outside Of Our House Looks Like Now

Last week I gave you a bit of the history of our house and stated that I’d be doing a whole series of posts of what are house looks like now and what we hope to do over the course of time.  Today I am taking you through what the front outside of our house […]