Finish This…Week #31

I almost skipped this week of Finish This because the questions I didn’t have full answers too, but I said NO I already missed enough of these and I am not going to skip just because the questions weren’t right up my alley. Finish This wouldn’t be such a success without the following beautiful ladies […]

Finish This…Week #30

Finish This…Week #30 is upon on us.  I have missed a few weeks over the course of this being an active link up, but for the most part I have done them all.  What a fun thing to say! Why not take a moment and throw out a post of your own and link up […]

Finish This…Week #29

I am making a point not to miss anymore Finish This link up’s.  I look forward to each week’s questions, even if I draw a blank on how to answer them.  Why not take a moment and throw out a post of your own and link up with these lovely ladies?  It’s quite a bit […]

Group Friendships – – Green with Envy

I have had this topic of Group Friendships running around in my head quite awhile, but never knew how to get started on it.  A couple weeks ago I asked people on my personal facebook the following question:   I have an idea running around my head for a blog post about group friendship. Those kind […]

What to do when you feel lost?

For awhile now I have just felt lost and not right.  I am not sure why I have felt so lost, but I have. Today is especially hard for me for some reason. I feel alone. I feel sad.  I feel useless.  I just feel broken. I am just in a funk that I am […]

Finish This Week #28

I have missed so many weeks of Finish This, hopefully no more.  I am getting back on the saddle of all things blogging and hopefully will be better than ever.  New hosting, new me, new outlook.  I am on a roll, so I am writing this out on Sunday! Finish This wouldn’t be such a […]

Life Update – When Life Throws You Rocks

Life Update – Throwing out some Curve Balls Throwing out the Life Update like life throwing us out the curve balls.  I know I have been quieter then normal the last month or maybe even more, though I’d do a bit of an update to let you all know what is going on in my […]

#FinishThis…Week #22

1.  I conquer fear…Not at all?  I am a very shy, quiet person in person.  A lot of things frighten me and make me shake.  I have gotten better with a lot of things, but I still tend to avoid certain things if I can get away with it.  With that being said though, I […]

#FinishThis…Week #21

Our lovely hosts are the following:  Lisa at Coastlined, Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Airzona Russums, and Becky at The Java Mama!  Check them out and then play along! 1.  The best mistake I ever made…Weird as it sounds, what finally came to me – after much thinking on this statement – is […]

Wife 2 Wife–Spouse Take Over Questions

Kelly & Cheltee started up this fun link up for each month and this is the first one EVER.  It’s for Wife’s.  Every Wednesday at the end of each month will be a new theme to answer.  Being the first one its all about the spouses answering the questions!1} What first attracted you to your […]