All About Me Friday’s–Personal Top 10 Foods

It’s a fairly easy all about me Friday prompt this week.  It asks me to tell you all my top 10 favorite foods.  Food, I do love you.  I don’t know always know what to eat though, I get hungry but nothing sounds good and nothing pulls me in.  It’s a battle sometimes just to […]

All About Me Friday–Life can be Hard

This week’s prompt for the all about me Friday’s is to tell you all about a difficult time in my  life.  Thankfully I only have small handful to pick from, but it was still hard for me to choose which I’d go with.  I decided that I’d go with my very first difficult time in […]

All About Me Friday–Hoarding at its Finest

This week’s prompt asked me about my collections.  I have several so hoarding came to mind, I’d like to think though I don’t run over on what I do indeed collect and I have to say that its many.  This post probably will only get a few items, but trust me I am sure there […]

All About Me Friday–Say My Name, Say My Name

So now exactly my name, but today’s prompt is asking the meaning behind my blog’s name.  There isn’t a huge story behind it, but here we go!I have had some kind of blog/journal online for as long as I can remember.  Mostly it was a personal place to jot out thoughts and get comments, get […]

All About Me Friday – I am so proud I could burst

Today’s prompt for my all about me Fridays, is my proudest moment.  Sadly, weirdly, I am not sure how to state it I had to really think on this one and probably still am not coming up with the right answers. The first thing that popped into my head was while I was a senior […]

All About Me Friday – What is my Day?

Todays prompt for All About Me Friday’s is Timeline of My Day.  I put it off last week so I could take a day and take photos to go along with it, make it a bit more interesting since my days are pretty hum drum.  This totally reminded me a group that is/used to be […]

All About Me Friday’s – Top 10 Bucket List

Today’s original prompt was the timeline of my day, but I really want pictures to go along with it to make it a bit more interesting so I need to do that this coming week when its back to my regular programs.  So I skipped to the next one which is the top of my […]

All About Me Friday – If I won the lottery…

On Friday’s I have been doing the 31 day blog challenge, its a fun way to learn more about me, and I hope some of you enjoy reading it.  Here is it, in case you have missed it. Todays prompt is for Day 14 – If you won the lottery… Dreamland time! There is so […]

All About Me Friday – Earliest Memory

I sit here looking at the blinking cursor for a bit, because unlike some people my memories scatter and I really can’t recall that much from my childhood, or heck even high school – okay not even the last five years.  I can tell you what someones favorite thing is and always remember that, but […]

All About Me Friday – What’s in my Fridge?

Why aren’t you glad you asked?  We have two fridges and a chest freezer, and I felt it was only right that I shared them all. First we have our main fridge, which is in our kitchen.  Our kitchen is very oddly shaped which the fridge has to face a weird way so you can […]