All About Me Friday – What’s in my Fridge?

Why aren’t you glad you asked?  We have two fridges and a chest freezer, and I felt it was only right that I shared them all. First we have our main fridge, which is in our kitchen.  Our kitchen is very oddly shaped which the fridge has to face a weird way so you can […]

All About Me Friday – These are a few of my favorite things

Today’s post will be fun for me and hopefully fun for you to read.  Todays prompt is Day 11: 15 of my Favorite Things.  What fun!  I knew today’s prompt was state 15 of your favorite things so since I woke up today I have been singing These are a Few of My Favorite Things […]

All About Me Friday – The Shiny Parts of Me

Physically I don’t think I am pretty, I believe I am very very average and at times ugly.  This is just how I see me, sometimes. Today though I am asked to focus on what I think my best physical features are, so we’ll work on that. Looking in the mirror at myself and hearing […]

All About Me Friday – The Worst of Me

*snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this photo/meme* Truthfully you’d probably get better answers on this one from someone else close to me, like Jason, Teresa or Kris.  My bad habits?  I am sure I have plenty, but now trying to sit down and write them out to explain to you all – […]

All About Me Friday – What’s that in your purse?

Todays helpful get to know me prompt asked me what’s in my purse? Why you’ll be glad you asked! 😉 I thought taking some photos would also help along the process of finding the depths of my inner purse! Everyone knows what a picture lover I am, so yes taking pics of the process as […]

All About Me Friday – Why yes you are annoying me!

*snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this meme*  Stop doing that, you are annoying me, and I bet you are annoying others. This weeks prompt for the All About Me Friday’s is my biggest pet peeves.   I thought of several just the top of my head that bug me to no end. […]

All About Me Friday – The Songs that are Making Me Move & Sing

This week is all about my top 10 songs at the moment.  I quite frankly will have a hard time with this one for the most part, since I listen basically to random shuffle on Pandora which is anywhere from old country to new country, to 80’s hair bands, to today’s pop.  I listen to […]

All About Me Fridays – What Am I Afraid Of?

Snagged from Pinterest, I take no rights to this photo/meme What am I afraid of?  What scares me?  What leaves me laying awake at nights? I have many things that leave me worrying and fretting and leaving me completely afraid and most of the time I don’t have a single thing I can personally do […]

All About Me Fridays – 20 Random Things About Me

Books – I love books.  I love reading them.  I love collecting them.  I store them like a squirrel stores nuts.  I love looking at my book shelf of books that I have yet to read and can’t help but keep adding to it.  Just looking at it makes me happy and giddy and wonder […]

All About Me Friday’s – – It’s my Birthday!

Okay, so it’s not my birthday just yet.  It’s Tuesday, but since it made more sense to do it before my birthday and not after, I decided to do it today. This Friday’s post is going to be Birthday wishes for the day/year upcoming.  They can be far out there wishes, simple ones or whatever. […]