Woolite Dark Care

To the left is the kit I received from Crowdtap for the Woolite Extra Dark Care sample & share.  I was excited to try this since I didn’t want to buy a big bottle of it to try and then not like it.  So this was the perfect opportunity to give a try carefree.  Plus get to share with others […]

Be. Wines

What a fun time we had testing the Be. Wines.  I took part in a BzzAgent Campaign for Be. Wines where they sent me a rebate for 2 bottles of $10.  I ended up getting all four of the different choices though so that we could get a good taste test going on.  We were hosting a […]

Private Selection Angus Beef

Now the main part of my Bzz Campaign, the one I already posted about was the cherry pie, but the “main” part of this one was the Angus beef by Private Selection.  Included in my kit was a coupon for a free pound of Angus Beef, we used the coupon and used our first batch of […]

Private Selection Individual-sized pies

Being part of the wonderful Bzz Agent community has been super rewarding for me.  This time I was able to taste several different things from Private Selection line (Kroger, Fred Meyer, etc). One of the things in this campaign was a tasty individual-sized pie in cherry or apple.While in the store to get our free pie with […]

Sheer Cover Review

Continuing my awesome Spring Beauty VoxBox from Influenster, I receive this cute little cover up called Sheer Cover.  Mine was in Medium/Tan color and matched my skin tone perfectly!  I couldn’t have been more happy with the color match.  It blends in wonderfully on my skin. Sheer Cover is also good for your skin.  Its […]

Filippo Berio Olive Oil

I ranked my brain trying to figure out how to blog about this amazing Filippo Berio Olive Oil that I received as a BzzAgent Campaign.  We’ve always been rather good about using heart healthy olive oil compared to loads of butter. I totally failed though at taking pictures of this campaign like I normally am so […]

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Another item I received free in the Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox was something I was super excited to try Salon Effects by Sally Hansen. I had been eyeing these because they offer just regular looks compared to others I have seen where its all prints and designs.  I was hoping I’d get a solid color because […]

Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

I have always been a huge fan of Bath & Body Works.   Weather it was their lotions (personal fave!), their perfumes, or their various other products.  I always find something I must try while in a Bath & Body Works store.Which is why I couldn’t have been more excited when I saw that in […]

Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste

Being a part of the Smiley360 program, I was able to snag this awesome kit all about Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste from the makers of Orajel.  I was asked to test the tube I was given for two weeks at first before giving my opinion about it.  I first off don’t have sensitive teeth, […]

Old Navy Shorts – Crowdtap Sample & Share

I was so excited to get chosen for another Sample & Share from Crowdtap.  It happened to be for Old Navy, which they work with quite often.  This is my second sample & share for Old Navy itself from Crowdtap. I posted on facebook that I had gotten in on this special sample & share from Old […]