Wordless Wednesday–Look at Me Mommy!

Treating your dog while cleaning their teeth with Milk-Bone Brushing Chews +giveaway ends 5/16 (4p.m PST)

Disclaimer:  The following post is part of a campaign, review or sponsored post.  I was given the product and/or have been financially compensated for the following post.  Post may also contain affiliate links. As always though all thoughts are 100% my own, as are most of the pictures included. We always think about brushing our […]

Wordless Wednesday–I Gots the BIG Soccer Ball–I am just like Daddy!

Wordless Wednesday–I No Look at You Mommy

Wordless Wednesday–Posed Roxy

I am going to cheat this week and make it not so wordless.  I just felt this picture needed the story with it.Roxy was just sitting over in her bed doing whatever she does over there.  I was on the phone with Jason on his way home from work like normal.  I look over and […]

Roxy Here introducing you to playtime

Mommy says that I must sit down and do a little guest post again. She said all these people were asking about me and telling her that I should pop in more often with my furry thoughts.  I think people just want to hear from me because I am just so darn cute.  Yes, I […]

My Favorite Place(s) by Roxy

Hi, Roxy here!  Mommy decided it was time I stepped up and did a guest blog post for you guys.  I’m a little nervous since this is my first time, but Mommy says I am going to do amazing!  Mommy says that Jade and Oak along with Karly Kim were hosting a pet link up, […]

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween Special

Princess Roxy, at your service!  Happy Halloween All!

My Fur Baby Roxy!

I have been trying to showcase how many different things you can do with the My Memories Suite 3 since I started my giveaway.  Want you to be just as excited over this program as I am.  My love of this program just grows and grows as I play with it and grab the free […]