My Guilty Pleasures

I am sure we all have them.  Those guilty pleasures that we don’t always admit we have, but there are times when it’s nice to just get it all out there in the open and spill your guts about it all.  My friend Jackie, over at Jade & Oak, did a list a few weeks […]

The Story of Jason and I – How I Met My Best Friend

Today is the last day of my introducing you all to my best friends and how I met each one.   You had the chance to meet Debbie, Kristy, and Teresa in my earlier posts.  I hope you had some fun reading these as I had writing them and jarring my own memory. I saved […]

The Story of Teresa and I – How I Met My Best Friend

I already introduced you all to my best friends Debbie & Kris.  As I said, this first spark of the idea came from Crowdtap and knew I had to tell the tale of all my best friends, not just one.  So, to continue my journey, I’d like to introduce you to Teresa. The Story of […]

The Story of Kris & I – How I Met My Best Friend

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about How Debbie and I met.  It was for a giveaway on crowdap, but inspired me to tell you all the story of how I met each of my best friends. I debated with myself who I’d be going with this time around, I decided to […]

3 Physical Features That Make Me Feel Beautiful #BeautyMonday

A couple of weeks ago, I did my 3 Beauty Woes for a Beauty Monday posting.  You all were amazing with your reaction, your own beauty woes, and products that you have found to work.  I can’t wait to try some out and let you know how they worked for me.   I thought today it […]

The Story of Debbie and I – How I Met My Best Friend

This post was inspired by Crowdtap by sharing a story about my best friend and I.  I may have the chance to win a prize package by writing this. I’m very blessed to have a few best friends. I don’t take the term best friend lightly.  While this time I am writing about Debbie and […]

Give me my Comfort or Give me Death #blogboost

Today’s prompt from the UltimateBlogChallenge played off that today was bring your teddy bear to work day.  The idea was play off what comes in your mind when you think about an office, teddy bear itself, or idea behind a child’s teddy bear.  Those kind of things. Throwing those around in my head as I tried […]

Fall is in the Air, Barely #blogboost

As I stated I planned to do the UltimateBlogChallenge; where I posted once a day with #blogboost every day in October.  I totally failed on getting any out this past weekend, I think weekends are going to be hard for me.  So instead I’ll call it a win if I can post every day of […]

Finish This Week #38

It’s my Birthday!!  Which means I may or may not be around.  Which is why I am writing this up on Saturday evening.  Happy Birthday to me!  Care to still seem my lists of Birthday Wishes? Finish This wouldn’t be such a success without the following beautiful ladies – Our lovely hosts are the following: […]

Finish This Week #37

I started writing this up Saturday, but its now Tuesday and I am just now getting back to this.  I hope to get it scheduled out now so that I am not rushing to finish it up Wednesday. Mind you, by typing up I put in the normal every week information and the prompts, but […]