How to Set Up a Regular Gaming Night

I love games.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a board, card, or video game.  I love playing games. Games are fun.  Games bring out laughter.  Games build memories.  Games bring you together. I’ve wanted to set up a regular game night with others for I don’t know how long.  It’s something that has always brewed […]

2015 Personal Goals, Thoughts, and Wants

Welcome to 2015. Everyone is doing their goals, wants and thoughts for 2015.  I figured I needed to write down my own as well, even I am not 100% yet what I want out of 2015.  I figured though my 2015 Personal Goals will come flying out as I start to write them.  Or I […]

Feeling Off – Detached

As I have briefly mentioned over the course of the few personal posts I have done in the last couple weeks, we had our world kind of put off-balance.  Which has left me feeling off and a bit lost. I like routine.  I like things to be done on certain days, and certain times.  I […]

Life Update and Halloween Costumes

Before I get back with my regular programming, I thought I’d do a bit of a regular life update.  Plus share our Halloween costumes.  I have hopes now that there are certain things now in the past, which I’ll highlight, that I can get back to this blog and make it even better once again. […]